Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Chapter 042 – Vacate the Area, Start Farming

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It was a huge, narrow, and flat meadow, sandwiched between two mountains, their peaks hidden in the clouds, extending beyond sight.

Grasses as tall as men swayed in the wind, as if they were a green ocean, with layers and layers of waves.

Between the waves of grass, Zhang Che could see a few exotic beasts in front of him.

The exotic beasts resembled horses, their shoulders stood above 1.5 meters tall. At this moment, their heads were lowered, feeding on the grasses. Ivory protruded out of the sides of their faces like the tusks of elephants, each of over half a meter long.

-What the heck is this kind of mixed beast? Should I call it a horse or an elephant?-

When this exotic beast’s information appeared in his vision, Zhang Che finally knew that this thing was actually called an Elephorse. It really couldn’t be any more appropriate.



Level: Two Star (Level 14)

Quality: Black Iron

Characteristics: Strong Explosive Strength, Good for Long Distance Travel, Able to Traverse 500 km per Day

Weakness: Poison Attacks

Potential: E Rank

Cultivating Directions: No Value In Cultivating


“The exotic beasts you mentioned are these things?”

After seeing the garbage attributes of the Elephorse, Zhang Che lost all enthusiasm and turned to look at Wang Dong for confirmation.

Wang Dong immediately nodded, “This is it. I checked it beforehand; this exotic beast known as an Elephorse can be used as a mount, and is extremely quick for travelling.”

Alright, Zhang Che finally understood. This fellow actually had such an idea.

However, the Elephorse’s attributes were so trashy. It seemed like there wasn’t any use for it other than being a means of transportation.

Zhang Che had never ventured overly deep into the beast world, and wasn’t aware of how good it was to own a decent mount. Not only did it save time, it could also preserve his energy, and when it came to running away during critical times, ordinary beasts wouldn’t be able to catch up to them.

Although many non-mount type beasts could take on the role of an ad hoc mount, the experience of riding them was truly something undesirable. It would feel more comfortable walking by themselves.

This was also why Wang Dong was unable to forget about these Elephorses and was adamant to make this trip after researching the information on this species.

One had to understand that their current location was already tens of li away from the safety zone. For a Tier Two beastmaster, the risks involved were truly too much; not many people were willing to take on such risks and venture in.

“So, these kind of mount-type beasts are popular?”

After hearing Wang Dong’s explanation, Zhang Che’s eyes lit up. -Perhaps this kind of exotic beasts are worth a fortune?-

“Of course. Although the Elephorse is only a two-star black iron-quality beast, its market price definitely exceeds similar levelled bronze-quality beasts. It could even rival the silver-quality beasts whose attributes are on the weaker end of the spectrum.”

“So valuable!”

A flash of golden light seemed to shine in Zhang Che’s eyes. With a wave of his hand, he led his subdued beasts, charging towards the grass plains ahead, when he heard Wang Dong’s anxious reminder from behind.

“Be careful, Brother. Although the Elephorses’ strength is nothing to rave about, they are very united. Once they are under attack, they will immediately gather a huge group together!”

Zhang Che ignored Wang Dong’s reminder, however. This brother was unafraid of such weak exotic beasts the most. So what if they had the advantage in numbers?

The Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly spread its wings and flew into the air. In just a few breaths’ time, it was over the heads of the handful of Elephorse Zhang Che discovered. Its hallucination-inducing powder floated down gently, enveloping all of them.

“Ai, you chose to ignore my kind reminder. Later on…”

Wang Dong shook his head, as if he expected to witness a scene of Zhang Che being surrounded by a herd of Elephorses. However, his complexion in the next moment was like he saw a ghost, his jaw nearly falling to the ground.

“The heck, what is this butterfly; it’s actually so strong!”

The Elephorses were knocked out by the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly’s powder before they could call for their friends, and the Fiery Scorpion, along with its three companions, cleaned them up, turning all of them into streaks of light.

==[You Killed an Elephorse. Obtained 4 Points of Soul Force.]==

==[You Killed an Elephorse. Obtained 4 Points of Soul Force. Obtained Elephorse Card.]==

Following the notifications ringing in his mind, Zhang Che was pleasantly surprised to discover that he obtained two beast cards after killing only four Elephorses!

It seemed like his luck today was not bad; he was destined to reap a great harvest!

Wang Dong said it; there were at least a hundred Elephorses here. Didn’t that also mean that he would obtain at least several dozen Elephorse cards?

Zhang Che’s eyes instantly shone with a golden light.

However, he didn’t continue walking further into the grass plains. Instead, he picked up the two beast cards and walked in Wang Dong’s direction.

Seeing Zhang Che returning relaxedly, Wang Dong’s gaze towards him was completely different than before.

The heck, this Big Brother was hiding his strength all along. Those subdued beasts of his were only coolies; the really powerful one was, in fact, the butterfly that didn’t do a thing during their whole journey.

-As expected of a Tier Three beastmaster. A dead fish like me has no hopes of matching up to him at all.-

“Here, treat this two beast cards as your reward. Thanks for bringing me here.”

Just as Wang Dong was spacing out with his eyes fixed on Zhang Che, the latter extended his hand and offered the two beast cards he had just obtained to him.

-This big brother is actually so generous, giving both beast cards to me?-

This surprise came too suddenly. Wang Dong almost thought he was imagining things.

“Why are you blanking out?” Zhang Che raised his brow, asking in a higher tone, “Take the beast cards and quickly return to the safety zone. If too many Elephorses are lured later, I don’t dare to guarantee your safety.”

Wang Dong immediately came back to himself. After he accepted the beast cards with both hands, he bowed profusely. “Thank you Big Brother, thank you, Big Brother! My name is Wang Dong; I wonder what Big Brother’s esteemed name is? If there’s anything this little brother can help you with in the future, just say the word!”

“Alright, I get it. Get going quickly; don’t hold me back any longer,” Zhang Che only waved his hand at Wang Dong, acting like an expert who does good without leaving his name.

Without driving this guy away, how could he hunt the Elephorses around here without restraint?

Zhang Che didn’t wish to expose his Mutated Puffersword before others. It was something that could save his life, or even turn the tables on his enemies during critical moments. It was better if he could keep it away from the eyes of others.

“Thank you so much, Big Brother! Really, take care of yourself!”

Wang Dong immediately felt greatly moved. After expressing his thanks consecutively, he even kept turning back to look at Zhang Che, looking like he was unwilling to part with him.

It was only when Zhang Che couldn’t be bothered waving his hands at him any longer that Wang Dong took out an Elephorse card branded with his spiritual imprint and summoned a tall and healthy brown Elephorse. He flipped himself atop it, mounting the beast and dashing off along the ravine.

“Huu, finally got rid of that guy!”

Hearing the hoofbeats of the Elephorse getting further away, Zhang Che finally let out a long breath. Now he could act without restraint and harvest the lives of the Elephorses, earning stacks upon stacks of Alliance dollars!

A golden light flashed; a gold-quality beast card appeared in his hands, then turned into a green Mutated Puffersword, held tightly in Zhang Che’s hand. He and his four subdued beasts dashed madly forward into the plains ahead.


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