Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Chapter 004 – I Like You, Zhang Xiaoche

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Zhang Che opened his eyes after cutting the link with the beast card between his palms. He overheard Huang Tielan’s unbridled laughter from below, especially the part about “my Zhang Xiaoche”, and he almost fell off the stage.

-Miss, have you asked about my opinion before declaring ownership over me?-

Due to that sentence from Huang Tielan, Zhang Che had become the focus of the students and teachers. The speed at which he activated his spiritual sea was indeed too shocking.

Usually, one would take several minutes to trigger spiritual resonance with the beast card on their first successful attempt, and activating their spiritual sea would take another few minutes.

In Zhang Che’s case, the whole process took less than two minutes!

According to the alliance’s data, the future of someone who showed such talent was something extremely worth looking forward to! As long as nothing untoward happened to him, it shouldn’t be difficult for Zhang Che to become a high-tiered beastmaster!

“Congratulations, Zhang Che!” Their homeroom teacher, Han Sheqing was the first to come up to him after getting off the stage, offering his congratulations with a face full of smiles.

“Congrats, Zhang Che!”

His classmates came congratulating him, one after another. No matter what they were thinking on the inside, as fellow classmates, they should still congratulate him. It would look bad on them, otherwise.

Even Wu Junyu, who had always been picking on Zhang Che, nodded at him awkwardly in the end, acknowledging his extraordinary talent.

“Haha, I knew you could do it, Zhang Xiaoche!”

Huang Tielan squeezed past a few classmates and stood before Zhang Che. She slapped her palm heavily on his shoulder, almost causing him to stagger.

Zhang Che put on a stern face, saying, “Please call me Zhang Che, Huang Tielan.”

“Okay, Zhang Xiaoche!”


“What? You wish to take time off from school to go hunt exotic beasts in their world?”

Han Sheqing shot up from his seat in his office, surprised by Zhang Che’s request.

“Yes, teacher,” Zhang Che replied with a calm expression. He explained, “My mother is seriously ill and needs genetic repair medicine to cure her illness. That’s why I wish to enter the Beast World and hunt beasts to earn some money.”

Zhang Che didn’t hide the truth. After all, he needed the school’s permission and certificate if he wished to enter the beast world as a student.

The beast worlds were full of danger. Han Sheqing didn’t want to see his student putting himself in danger, but he fell silent after listening to his explanation.

A son wanted to earn money to cure his mother’s illness. Who could bear to deny such a request?

Seeing as Han Sheqing was not speaking a word, Zhang Che started feeling worried, afraid that his teacher wouldn’t agree to him entering the beast world.

“Alright. I approve of this.” Han Sheqing finally sighed, agreeing to Zhang Che’s request. He reminded, “But you must be careful of your own safety when you enter their world. You mustn’t venture deep into the dangerous zones. Not only that, you must be wary of the other beastmasters, too! It’s best to endure some matters whenever possible. Don’t try to act tough, understand?”

Zhang Che lit up in joy inwardly. He nodded profusely, saying, “I understand. Thank you, sir.”

“Mm, then wait here in the office for a while. I’ll go apply for the certificate for your entry into the beast world.”


After some time, Han Sheqing returned to his office with a certificate in hand, and handed it, along with a dark green beast card to Zhang Che.

“I know about your difficulties at home. I presume you don’t have the money to buy a beast card. Here’s a one star bronze card. Take it as me lending it to you temporarily. You can return it to me when you come back from the beast world.”

Zhang Che blanked out for a moment, then bowed deeply and said, “Thank you, teacher. I’ll definitely return home safely!”

This was by no means a small favor. Although Han Sheqing said that he was only lending the beast card to Zhang Che, the price of a bronze quality beast card was not cheap! The market price of one such card costs around ten thousand Alliance dollars at a minimum! If its attributes were one of the better ones, it could even go up to about fifty thousand Alliance dollars!

Zhang Che exited the building with deep gratitude in his heart, heading towards the school gates.

“Stop right there, Zhang Xiaoche!” Before he reached the school gates, Huang Tielan’s angry voice suddenly rang out from behind him.

Zhang Che had no choice but to turn around, and saw Huang Tielan approaching him with a stern look on her face. She criticized him bitterly and hatefully, “Why are you going to the beast world, Zhang Xiaoche? Don’t you know how dangerous it is?”

-Well, this iron woman’s information network is really something. I just walked out from our homeroom teacher’s office and here she is, right on my tail!-

Zhang Che really didn’t want to waste time with this chubby chick. He said expressionlessly, “This is my private matter, Huang Tielan. Don’t concern yourself over it. Also, I’ll say this once more. Please call me Zhang Che!”

This time, Huang Tielan didn’t act coyly and stamp her feet. She bit her lips, staring at Zhang Che and whispered, “Zhang Che, I don’t want anything to happen to you in the beast world. I… I like you…”

Her chubby cheeks flushed bright red in embarrassment after saying that. Unfortunately, in Zhang Che’s eyes, there wasn’t any beauty to speak of.

Zhang Che was on the verge of crumbling. He really wanted to say, -Miss, which part of me deserves your liking? Can’t I change myself?-

However, Zhang Che didn’t say such hurtful words to a girl who had gathered her courage to confess her feelings. He let out a sigh and shook his head, saying, “Thanks for your concern, Huang Tielan, but I have my reasons why I need to go. That’s why, let’s just bid our farewells here.”

As he said that, Zhang Che turned around and continued on his way towards the school gates.

Huang Tielan bit her lips as she watched Zhang Che’s figure disappeared from her sights. She stamped her feet hatefully, but no longer gave chase to him.


At a heavily guarded military camp about 35 km outside Qian Wei City…

Here was the location of the nearest spatial gateway to Qian Wei City. The beastmasters of Qian Wei City entered the beast world through the spatial gateway in this military camp.

Although it was heavily guarded, it looked rather simple and crude from the outside.

After all, countless beasts would swarm out from the spatial gateways every decade. It would be a waste if the camp was constructed properly.

However, fortifications were built in all directions, with the military camp in the center. The number of bunkers, hidden or not, were as numerous as the stars in the sky

Many vehicles entered and exited from the camp’s main gates. Those who entered all looked full of anticipation, while those who exited had varying expressions on their faces. Some of them were celebrating, while the others had sorrowful looks.

Zhang Che was carrying a backpack filled to its maximum capacity, full of dry rations. There was enough food to make sure that he wouldn’t go hungry for half a month. He got off the coach, following the other passengers towards the camp’s gates.

There was no way to acquire food in the beast world. Any beasts hunted would either turn into a streak of light and disappear, or turn into a beast card, to the hunter’s delight. In order to not go hungry, all they could do was to bring more rations with them.

Fortunately, most of the water in the beast world was safe for consumption. Otherwise, everyone would have had to drop any thoughts of venturing into the deeper areas of that mystical world.

“Please display your entry certificate,” a staffer said evenly, glancing at Zhang Che as the latter walked up to the checkpoint.

Anyone who wished to enter the beast world via the spatial gateways were required to show their entry certificate. It was a rule set in place by the Alliance everywhere.

Of course, no one would check on you if you were to discover a hidden spatial gateway in the wilderness…

Zhang Che quickly handed the certificate he obtained from school to the officer. After the officer received it without any expression and took a quick look, he suddenly let out a “Eh?” and asked, “You’re the Zhang Che from Number Two Secondary School, Year 3, Class 2?”

Zhang Che found it strange. Could there be a problem? However, he still nodded automatically.

Seeing Zhang Che nod, the staffer suddenly bent down and picked up a backpack, handing it to him and saying, “Here, someone prepared this for you. It will be useful to you when you’re in there.”

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