Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Chapter 032 – Vulgar to the End

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Coming to the spatial gateway located at the suburbs of Qian Wei City once more, Zhang Che no longer had to display his certificate to be granted passage into the military camp.

As an official beastmaster who had his own subdued beast, he only needed to call forth a beast card from his spiritual sea to be allowed through the camp unobstructed.

“I can surely grow strong quickly, and I will definitely find a healing-type beast within 3 years!”

Looking at the blue screen-like spatial gateway before him, Zhang Che cheered himself on inwardly as he followed the stream of people, entering it in an orderly manner.

Entering the beast world once more, Zhang Che already knew his way around. He decided on a direction and directly left the safe zone, advancing forward with quick steps.

Looking at the mountain forest in front of him, Zhang Che let out a faint smile. Three different- colored beast cards suddenly appeared between the tips of his fingers, and turned into a dark red scorpion, as well as two tall and mighty ash-gray wolves, standing by his sides.

There wasn’t anyone who knew him here; Zhang Che didn’t have to worry about his secret being exposed.

Moreover, having three subdued beasts was the mark of a Tier Two beastmaster. This might cause others to mistake him as a Tier Two beastmaster, reducing his troubles.

Without the permission of the owner, others were unable to steal a beastmaster’s beast cards. Even if they were to kill him, the beast cards branded with his spiritual imprint would turn into rays of light and disappear.

However, one should never assume that others wouldn’t resort to committing murder and stealing valuables just because of that. After all, in the face of violence, many people would choose their lives over material possessions.

Of course, this was only the wishful thinking of the weak and cowardly.

Would they allow you to live on after robbing you of your valuables, giving you a chance at revenge in the future?


The area in front of him was a thinly-spread forest, with trees that resembled the pine trees found in Mercury growing there. The grasses were thinly spread, too, revealing spots of brown soil.

With his three beasts by his side, Zhang Che advanced deeper into the beast world and was now over five km away from the safe zone.

On the road, he killed a bunch of one-star, and even two-starred exotic beasts, bagging a pretty good sum of soul force, as well as a few beast cards.

It was probably due to his cheat-like advantage, Zhang Che felt that he obtained much more soul force than others whenever he killed an exotic beast. He could clearly sense that his spiritual strength was filled to the brim, and he would break through to a Tier Two beastmaster in the near future.

The only regrettable part was that he didn’t obtain any similar beast cards, resulting in him being unable to gain any experience points for his fusion skill. Now, it was still at that measly 9 points.

“As it turns out, even though one-star and two-star exotic beasts are comparatively easier to hunt, it’s not an easy matter to increase the fusion skill to level 2.”

Thinking up to here, Zhang Che couldn’t resist letting out a sigh. He had four three-star Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly cards. He was waiting for the day when he could finally fuse them into a five-star, mid-tier beast card.

However, this matter couldn’t be rushed, either. Moreover, he had to rise to a Tier Five beastmaster in order to utilize a five-star beast card!

Just as he was thinking about the matter regarding fusion, Zhang Che suddenly heard a rumbling sound up ahead, and saw several brown silhouettes charging towards him.

The Wind Shadow Wolves let out several low whimpers as they arched their bodies in a defensive position.

The Fiery Scorpion didn’t show much of a reaction, however. It raised its pincers up, remaining by Zhang Che’s side as usual. It didn’t seem surprised by the sudden appearance of the exotic beasts.

Soon, the brown silhouettes passed through the sparse vegetation, entering Zhang Che’s line of sight.

They were actually a group of wild boars with dagger-like tusks, brown hair covering their entire bodies. Their greed for food could be discerned in those pitch-black eyes, obviously treating Zhang Che and his subdued beasts as a delicacy.


[Brown-Haired Boar]

Level: One Star (Level 8)

Quality: Bronze

Characteristics: Thick Hide and Tough Body, The Mane on Its Back Can Be Shot As Projectiles When Enraged

Weakness: Enters A Weakened State For A Certain Period of Time After Shooting Its Mane Projectiles

Potential: D Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 2 Times

Cultivating Directions: …


Zhang Che couldn’t help but feel speechless after seeing the Brown-Haired Boar’s attributes.

Aren’t mane projectiles the skills of a porcupine? Why would this exotic beast that seemed more like a boar know such a skill?

He had no idea how far the range of the projectiles were, either. It seemed like he had to stay as far back as he could.

With a thought, his three beasts charged towards the Brown-Haired Boars in a horizontal line, while Zhang Che himself hid behind a rock silently, to prevent himself from being hit by the exotic beasts’ mane projectiles.

This was a one-star bronze quality beast. According to the norm, this fellow’s mane projectile attack shouldn’t be any weaker than a bow and arrow. Although he was wearing a defensive suit, he didn’t dare to guarantee that it would protect him fully.

Furthermore, he wasn’t hearing a helmet. If, on the off chance several hairs came flying at him, that wasn’t a fun situation to be in.

There were a total of five Brown-Haired Boars that came charging out of the woods. They were similar in size to Zhang Che’s Wind Shadow Wolves. When they were charging together, their steps rang out like thunder, and looked pretty intimidating.

However, after working together as a team for some time, the Wind Shadow Wolves and the Fiery Scorpion had sufficient chemistry between them. They weren’t afraid of exotic beasts of such a level at all.

The Wind Shadow Wolves were much faster than the Brown-Haired Boars. They approached the boars with lightning speed, fully displaying their agility. With only a few nimble movements, they disrupted the boars’ formation, drastically lowering their speed.

The Wind Shadow Wolves were of the same quality as the Brown Haired Boars. Using their superior speed and agility, they forcibly kept their foes who were twice their number at the same spot, allowing the Fiery Scorpion to finish them off easily.

Pu, a faint sound rang out. One of the Brown Haired Boar was careless, and the Fiery Scorpion struck out with its incomparably well-trained stinger, stabbing deeply into its flowery orifice.

The Brown Haired Boar stiffened. Its eyes turned bright red and it let out a miserable cry. A clump of long and hard brown mane on its back shot out like a rain of arrows at the Fiery Scorpion.

Ding ding dang dang, a cluster of crisp sounds rang out. The hairs were unable to penetrate the Fiery Scorpion’s carapace.

In the next moment, as the toxin the Fiery Scorpion injected into the Brown-Haired Boar took effect, the boar that was a whole tier lower in quality was shrouded in a red glow, collapsing on the ground and supplying several points of soul force to Zhang Che.

After that, the Fiery Scorpion exhibited its vulgar tactics to the extreme. Its glowing red stinger kept striking that indescribably important area and killed off the remaining Brown-Haired Boars that were held up by the Wind Shadow Wolves.

When the battle ended, Zhang Che almost roared out in laughter.

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