Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 286 - It’s Especially Rage-Inducing When Enemies Meet

Chapter 286: It’s Especially Rage-Inducing When Enemies Meet

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Zhang Che was even hoping that some other strange creature would discover this place and grow stronger, then he’d come back and have the Unicorn deal with it!

At that time, it would be another massive amount of mysterious energy entering his pocket. Just thinking about it excited him!

At that moment, the Purple Jade Condor standing sentry in the sky above Zhang Che suddenly let out a sharp cry, followed by a quick swoop down to the ground.

Zhang Che was shocked. He hurriedly looked up to the sky and saw an enormous black shadow flying towards them at lightning speed from extremely far away.

“Shit!” Zhang Che cried. He immediately recalled the Purple Jade Condor, Scarlet Flame Drake, and the other babies into his spiritual sea without hesitation. Afterwards, he ordered the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon to change direction and dove into the valley below, flying close to the ground.

Just seeing that flying creature’s size, Zhang Che knew that his babies were no match for it, not to mention that his babies with elemental skills had all expended them. Only the Scarlet Flame Drake could recover to its peak condition in the near future, and as such Zhang Che’s current fighting potential was far from his best. There was no way he could fight this battle.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon flew into the sparse forest below, flying close to the ground like a blue fighter plane.

However, the strange creature in the sky had its sights dead set on Zhang Che, chasing him from above, and showing no signs of letting him go.

“I didn’t freaking rob it or something; why is it so insistent on chasing me down?!”

Zhang Che grew anxious. Looking up, he saw that the black shadow was actually a strange creature, looking like a flying tiger with black and white alternating patterns. Although it resembled a tiger, the surface of its body was covered in a layer of tough scales. Sharp bone spikes protruded out of its joints, looking especially savage and fearsome.

Judging from its aura alone, the fellow was probably not inferior to epic-quality beasts from the beast world.

Moreover, he could fly! Zhang Che’s babies would have no advantages to speak of if they were to fight against it. They would only be passively getting beaten on.

Fortunately, this bone-spiked flying tiger’s membrane-like wings were too large, leaving it unable to descend to where it could launch a direct attack at Zhang Che.

After all, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon purposefully chose places with extremely complicated terrain to fly through. That Bone-Spiked Flying Tiger had no choice but to retract its wings if it wanted to get close to them. Doing that, however, would force it into a situation where it couldn’t fly. It would be impossible for it to catch up to the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon then!

“It’d be so great if there is a cave somewhere near here. I don’t believe that fellow would dare to continue chasing us in there!”

Zhang Che looked ahead carefully, trying to find a place to hide. Alas, what he hoped didn’t come to pass.

Although the Purple Crystal Tortoise could dig out a cave, it needed time. Obviously the bone-spiked flying tiger over his head wouldn’t give him that much time.

Luckily, this area had some complicated terrain. The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon made sure to keep flying in places with tall mountains or cliffs on both sides, leaving the creature helpless against Zhang Che for now.

But, this was no long-term solution! There would be an end to this complicated terrain. What would he do then?

When the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon made a turn into a narrow valley, a group of human figures suddenly appeared in front of them. It was a mixed group of about a dozen men and women, with both dark and fair-skinned people among them, directing their subdued beasts to attack a bunch of surrounded creatures.

It went without saying that Zhang Che wasn’t the only one who had discovered killing those strange creatures benefited them!

“Why does this group of people look so familiar?”

After taking a closer look, Zhang Che realized they didn’t only look familiar. Hah! How fated!

Zhang Che immediately recognized them. -Aren’t they the foreigners I saw at that camp last night?

-Now this is interesting!-

Without pausing to think, Zhang Che took out the Fallen Star bow from his bracelet spatial equipment, aiming and shooting at the Bone-Spiked Flying Tiger up in the air.

After doing all this, he immediately put the Fallen Star bow away and had the Purple Crystal Tortoise activate its skill, covering him up, then ordered the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon to fly towards the open space ahead where the group of people were gathered.

At this moment, the group of beastmasters with the blond man as the leader had obviously noticed Zhang Che as well. Everyone’s eyes immediately turned red with anger, especially the blond man whose red sword had been stolen away from him. His eyes were as red as an enraged bull, painted the color of blood.

“You’re looking to die!”

He waved his wand. Half of the subdued beasts around them immediately turned and charged towards Zhang Che.

All kinds of elemental attacks instantly rained down upon Zhang Che.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon quickly switched directions, trying his best to avoid where the elemental attacks were concentrated and rushed at the group of people.

-We should be able to get through this, right?,- Zhang Che thought, trusting in the Purple Crystal Armor.

The Purple Crystal Armor had the ability to absorb a certain percentage of elemental attacks; it should be able to withstand this wave of attacks. After all, the group had their hands tied up by a bunch of strange creatures, and did not dare to mobilize all their forces to attack him.

Zhang Che and the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon were instantly engulfed by colorful rays of light. Countless wounds immediately appeared on the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s crystallized body.

However, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon tried his best to avoid the heaviest area of elemental attacks with the front of his body. As such, he didn’t take too many attacks, while Zhang Che, who was on his back, received even less damage.

Despite being struck by various energies, the Purple Crystal Armor’s ability to absorb the power of the attacks immediately came into play. In addition to Zhang Che’s inhuman physique, although he felt like his organs were shifting positions and his entire body was in terrible pain, there weren’t any injuries that were too serious.

-Once I get through this, I can immediately summon the Unicorn to heal me!-

“Kill him! He must die!” the blond male leader cried out loudly, his eyes open so wide they almost fell out of their sockets as he flew towards Zhang Cheon on a golden western dragon subdued beast.

That large golden western dragon was obviously an extremely powerful subdued beast. It let out a furious roar and opened its mouth, breathing out a mass of golden rays that turned into countless blades, flying at great speed at Zhang Che.

Zhang Che wasn’t frightened, but elated! -A formless attack from a subdued beast with metal attributes? Just great! The Purple Crystal Armor is the least worried about physical attacks!-

Thus, at Zhang Che’s command, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon flew straight at them without dodging.

A wave of chaotic clanking rang out. Nearly half of the seemingly solid metallic blades that struck the Purple Crystal Armor Zhang Che was wearing, unable to harm him at all!

Only a tiny bit of the metallic energy contained in those blades passed through the Purple Crystal Armor and stabbed into him, leaving countless tiny cuts on his body, fresh blood seeping out from the wounds.

Zhang Che was greatly relieved. After all, the energy had to go through the Purple Crystal Armor’s energy absorption. The amount of energy that successfully passed through it was extremely thin, and could only barely cut his skin.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon was like a blue bolt of lightning, breaking through their encirclement in just two to three breaths’ time.

At this moment, the Bone-Spiked Flying Tiger who had been shot by Zhang Che with an arrow was extremely furious. It happened that the direction Zhang Che was escaping in was an open area, and it swooped down like lightning.

A bunch of assorted elemental attacks immediately shrouded the strange creature that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

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