Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 245 - You’re Not The Only One Who Knows How to Annoy Others

Chapter 245: You’re Not The Only One Who Knows How to Annoy Others

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Black suits. That was the signature dress code for those in the triads in the movies or novels in his previous life.

However, Zhang Che didn’t think there would be any mentally-challenged triad members who would come find trouble with the Huang family’s Miss. Therefore, who these people were needed no explanation.

-Is that woman really a crazy bitch?-

Zhang Che turned to Huang Tielan and instructed her not to get off the car, then proceeded to open the door and got out himself.

He went up to those black suited men and looked at them with an inclined head, not saying a word.

“You’re Zhang Che, right? We’re suspecting you of attempting to abscond. Please come back with us to the First Intelligence Bureau to assist us with our investigation,” one of the burly men said, looking at Zhang Che coldly. He took out an identification card and waved it.

-How arrogant! You’re putting an absconding crime on me just like that?-

Zhang Che laughed coldly, “First, I’m not a criminal. Second, I’m not leaving the city; I’m just going to the northern sector to buy some things. Go back and tell that old hag not to try using these petty tricks to annoy me. It’s useless.”

“Zhang Che, please go back with us to assist in our investigations!” the burly man repeated evenly. The other men closed in a few steps.

“A good dog doesn’t block the path! Get lost!” Zhang Che harrumphed coldly, tossing them a sideways glance.

“Zhang Che, mind your language!” the leader of those men bellowed. A golden ray of light shot out from between his brows, turning into a white-furred giant ape about three meters tall, emitting a cold, stern aura.

“If you insist on resisting, we won’t rule out on using forceful methods to ‘invite’ you back with us!”

Zhang Che’s expression darkened. Traces of fear flashed in his eyes as he said stubbornly, “So what if I don’t comply with you? Try using your subdued beasts if you dare!”

That burly man seemed to have seen through the fact that Zhang Che was only putting up a strong front. A subtle smile of contempt showed on his face. He waved his hand, “Since you insist on resisting us, we have no choice but to employ forceful methods to bring you back with us to help with our investigation.”

Following the burly man’s wave of his hand, the white-furred giant ape’s figure swayed and suddenly charged at Zhang Che. Its majestic figure moved nimbly, not losing any agility despite its size.

“Shit, you actually dare to make to move!” Zhang Che’s face turned grave as he turned tail and ran.

“Run? Where can you run to?” the leader revealed a contemptuous smile. Facing the pursuit of a five-star gold-quality beast, even a powerful high-tier beastmaster might not necessarily be able to escape if they didn’t have a weapon in hand. How could a mere mid-tier beastmaster like him get away?

-Don’t hurt him. The higher-ups only told us to ‘invite’ him back for a talk. It’d be hard to wrap this up if he really got hurt.- The leader still remembered his superior’s instructions, ordering his subdued beast not to hurt Zhang Che via their spiritual link.

However, in the next moment, his expression suddenly changed.

Zhang Che, who was about to get caught by the giant white ape, suddenly stopped and turned around. A frightening scarlet-black huge sword was already in his hand since god-knows-when.

The leader of the burly men immediately had a bad premonition, subconsciously wanting to recall his subdued beast. Alas, it was already too late.

A turn, a twist of his waist, and a swing of the sword, all done in one swift motion.

The giant white ape felt grave danger approaching as well. However, it didn’t have a soul of its own, after all, and the order from its master was to capture Zhang Che without hurting him. How could it react in time?

A broad streak of black-scarlet sword light flashed, directly cleaving the giant white ape into two from head to tail. The sword’s cold aura directly wiped away all signs of life from the beast, turning it into a streak of light that quickly dissipated.

The leader almost spat out a mouthful of blood from heartache. He pointed his trembling fingers at Zhang Che, who was now wearing a smile on his face, stuttering, “Y-yo-you, you dared set me up!”

If he still didn’t understand what was going on by now, his brain must have been eaten by a dog.

“Did I?” Zhang Che walked up, wielding the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword. He smiled mockingly, “I didn’t. I was only acting in self defense. The surrounding surveillance cameras can prove that,” Zhang Che pointed at the nearby cameras along the road as he spoke. The entire process was indeed captured by the cameras and uploaded to the cloud database.

He paid no further heed to those men, whose faces were far different from before. He walked up to the black multi-purpose van and said softly, “Now, we should talk about how you almost ran into my car earlier.”

The men cursed silently as they watched Zhang Che suddenly raising his huge sword and slash down at the roof of the car.

Clank clank clank…

At this moment, Zhang Che was like a skilled metal worker, his Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword a hammer, slicing the black multi-purpose van into a pile of metal plates in just a few breaths’ time. Afterwards, he raised his leg and kicked it, sending it flying off-road into the adjacent green zone.

After doing all this, the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword turned into a five-colored streak of light and returned to Zhang Che’s spiritual sea. He dusted off his hands, smiling, and walked back to his car’s passenger seat. Before driving off, he said to the dumbstruck men, “Oh, right, go back and tell Zhen Manting not to use these petty tricks to annoy me. It’s useless.”

After he said that, he closed the car door. The car engine let out a low, furious roar, and they continued on their way.

“Chief, should we call for backup?” one of the burly men asked dryly as they turned to look at their leader.

“Backup my ass. Do you want to go to war, or what? Didn’t you see that that kid’s weapon beast card was legend-quality? Who knows if he has other powerful subdued beasts in his possession!? I still want my life, even if you don’t!”

The leader was indignant. When they returned, only God knew if he would be able to report his lost beast as a casualty and claim compensation for it. Where would he find the mood to care about other matters right now?

With their mission ending in this manner, who knew how that old virgin would reprimand him? He was considering whether he should just request a transfer to another department…

However, he couldn’t help but show a bitter smile once he thought of the Zhen family’s influence. It truly was like sinking in knee-deep once you entered the system, impossible to pull yourself out. There was no choice but to follow through all the way…


Back in the car, Zhang Che let out a long breath. It was about time to show off some strength to others. Otherwise, they might really think he was easy to push around, given his young age.

“Zhang Xiaoche, you were so cool just now!” Huang Tielan praised him as she drove, looking at Zhang Che, her eyes shimmering with little stars.

Zhang Che’s lips drew back into a smile, “Do you adore me?”

Huang Tielan nodded heavily, “Mhm, a little!”

“Then, can I touch you a little?”

In the next moment, Huang Tielan lost control of the car and started swerving about on the road.

Zhang Che immediately cried out in fright, “Watch the road! Watch the road! I won’t talk about this any more…”

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