Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 232 - The Big News Chen Lishan Revealed

Chapter 232: The Big News Chen Lishan Revealed

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Splash! A ladle of cold water poured down.

“Ah…!” The young man was startled awake. He felt as if countless burning hot iron rods were sticking in his waist, the pain so intense that he immediately cried out loud.

However, his cries lasted less than a second before Zhang Che stepped on his mouth, shutting him up. Afterwards, a devilishly beautiful butterfly appeared from thin air, and in the next moment, his eyes looked confused.

Zhang Che recalled the two-star gold-quality Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly with a wave of his hand, then turned to the shocked Chen Lishan and said, “Lishan, ask him why he ambushed us.”

Chen Lishan was a little confused. -Would he answer if I asked?-

“Hurry, there’s not much time!” Zhang Che urged with a harsher tone. Although Chen Lishan didn’t understand what was going on, she hurriedly looked to the young man and demanded, “Who are you, and why did you ambush us?”

The white youngster’s eyes were bewildered, answering blankly, “I am George Franklin. This kid snatched my Monica away, so I’m going to kill him!”¹

Chen Lishan was astonished! -This person actually answered everything without hiding any information! Could it be because of that butterfly subdued beast from earlier?-

Luckily, she remembered what Zhang Che said earlier and hurriedly translated for him.

Zhang Che nearly fainted after hearing what she said. -I didn’t even do anything and I still got myself in trouble! How unlucky!-

“Brother Sun, do I continue interrogating him?”

Now, Chen Lishan’s gaze towards Zhang Che was one filled with reverence. Her tone when speaking to him was no longer as casual as before.

From the number of subdued beasts Zhang Che displayed, this fellow was a Tier Six beastmaster, at the very least! That was already an existence at the peak of mid-tier beastmasters. One step higher and he’d be a high-tier beastmaster!

Of course, what struck fear in Chen Lishan the most was still that butterfly from before. That thing could actually control the thoughts of others, doing whatever he told them to. It was too terrifying!

“You don’t have to. He can’t speak even if you asked any more,” Zhang Che shook his head. The young man on the ground was no longer moving, his entire body bluish-purple.

The Rotten Ent Prowler whip’s lethal poison was no joke. The white youngster lasted less than five minutes before he succumbed to it.

It was only now that she realized he was dead. She was so frightened that she cried out in shock, “Ah, he’s dead! What should we do?”

As they spoke, the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword appeared in Zhang Che’s hand. He lifted the young man’s corpse with the sword. The Scarlet Flame Drake appeared in the living room following a wave of his hand, and the corpse was burned to ash with a single fiery breath.

“Oh god, there’s still such a powerful subdued beast!” Chen Lishan gasped, unable to close her mouth.

After destroying the evidence, Zhang Che nodded lightly.

Although he still thought that the matter of him capturing the young man would still be discovered, there shouldn’t be any problem any time soon.

Calling the police? Don’t be silly; who was willing to risk offending a powerful beastmaster by calling the police? Were they tired of living?

As such, Zhang Che didn’t have to worry about his murder of the teenager being exposed for the next few days, at the very least.

After that? Who cared? He’d be back in Hua Xia by then!

Just as he turned around, Zhang Che saw Chen Lishan looking at him in shock. He thought she was worried about future troubles after what he just did, and he shook his head, chuckling, “Don’t worry. We’ll be flying back to Hua Xia tomorrow. Everything will be fine. Uh, are you worried that you’ll be scared at night since someone died here? That doesn’t matter, either. I’ll have one of my subdued beasts accompany you tonight. You won’t feel scared then.”

However, Chen Lishan shook her head gently, showing an extremely complicated expression. Finally, she gritted her teeth and said, “Brother Sun, can I ask you to help me with something?”

Zhang Che couldn’t help but find it strange. -We’re leaving tomorrow. What matter is there?-

“What is it? Tell me, I’ll help out if I can.” Naturally Zhang Che wouldn’t agree to her request directly. If it was nothing too complicated, he wouldn’t mind helping her out. If it was too troublesome, or would even endanger himself, he’d definitely treat it as he heard nothing.

Chen Lishan’s gaze was one of pleading, and spoke out about her request. “It’s regarding my brother. I suspect he’s still alive…”

It turned out that Chen Lishan’s brother, Pello Chen, was working in San Diego in a pharmaceutical company with a deep background, and had risen to a middle-management position.

However, on a night not too long ago, Chen Qikun sent Chen Lishan a message in secret through the public network. It stated that he discovered a huge secret in the company, that his personal freedom might already be restricted, and that she should look for an opportunity to leave the Bei Mei region as soon as possible.

Chen Lishan turned pale with fright after receiving the message. She hurriedly looked for her friend, Angelina, and asked her to help think of a solution.

However, when Angelina mentioned this to her father, she received a stern scolding in return, telling her not to get herself involved in this. That pharmaceutical company’s background was extraordinary, and wasn’t something their family could afford to offend.

Angelina expressed her helplessness about this matter after telling Chen Lishan about it, and urged her to leave San Diego as soon as possible to prevent the opposite party from possibly finding her.

After hearing this, Zhang Che’s face darkened slightly.

“So, you want me to help you investigate if your brother is still alive, and save him? Hah, you think I can infiltrate them so easily given their deep background?”

Although Zhang Che’s expression was gloomy, his heart was astonished.

What Chen Lishan’s brother, Chen Qikun, discovered was that… the pharmaceutical company he worked at had a secret base at the outskirts of San Diego doing human experimentation. They tested their newly-researched exotic beast genetic medicines on people, trying to develop a medicine without any side effects that allowed humans to become as strong as exotic beasts.

Not only that, in order to not cause too many deaths, leading to them drawing the attention of related departments and the public, and also to facilitate better data gathering, the pharmaceutical company got themselves a healing-type subdued beast at a heavy price.

This news left Zhang Che feeling like a bolt of lightning had struck his mind.

You would know just by using your toes to think that those who were subjected to all kinds of genetic medicine testing would have their bodies ruined! How much mutation would their bodies undergo?

A healing-type beast that could cure such damage and mutation was definitely not simple!

At the very least, his mother, Sun Lan’s, illness was definitely no problem at all for a healing-type subdued beast at that level!

Zhang Che was immediately moved by this news.

Although Miss Tienan might have already enrolled into Bei Du University’s beast card cultivation major, and might be able to ask Professor Sun Qilong to help cure his mother’s illness, whether it could cure her or not was still an unknown.

After all, that subdued beast of Professor Sun Qilong was not a healing-type subdued beast before it rose to gold-quality. It was like a barefoot doctor who decided to become a monk halfway through; how could it possibly compare to an industry specialist?

Most importantly, Zhang Che was very confident in his current abilities. Even if he couldn’t get his hands on that subdued beast, escaping was no problem at all.

-I must get that healing-type subdued beast!- This idea immediately manifested in Zhang Che’s heart. It was like a wild fire on the plains, unable to be extinguished!


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