Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Chapter 022 – A Beastmaster’s First Lesson

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[Hidden Sandworm]

Level: Two Star (Level 15)

Quality: Black Iron

Characteristics: Skilful at Burrowing, Burrows Silently, Hard to Guard Against

Weakness: Unvaried Attack Pattern, Weak Defense

Potential: E Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Upgradable 1 Time

Cultivating Directions: No Value In Cultivating


Looking at the exotic beast’s attributes, Zhang Che couldn’t help but shake his head. It was no wonder the Hidden Sandworm was unable to retaliate against the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede. It turned out that it was only a black iron-tier beast. Even though its level was at two stars, its strength was lower than a one-star bronze quality beast.

In the end, the Hidden Sandworm turned completely motionless after a short while.

The Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede loosened its limbs that were coiled around the Hidden Sandworm and crawled around Huang Tielan triumphantly, waving its mandibles about. It looked like it was asking for a reward.

Huang Tielan was very pleased. She extended her hand and patted the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede’s head, praising it with a smile, “My Xiaohong is the best. Go on!”

After getting Huang Tielan’s approval, the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede immediately crawled back to the Hidden Sandworm’s corpse and began chomping on it.

This little thing actually waited for its master’s approval before feasting on its prey. One could see how well-trained it was.

Zhang Che’s eyes narrowed, feeling curious about Huang Tielan’s family. Exactly what kind of family is she a part of, to have such a powerful beast?

With the threat eliminated, the youngsters started expressing their amazement.

“Woah, Huang Tielan’s beast is so powerful! The exotic beast was killed without being able to do a thing!”

“That’s right. Hers is a silver quality beast! How could ordinary trash compare to it?”

“Hehe, are you talking about your own beast?”

Other than battling, a subdued beast’s level could be raised by consuming the flesh and blood of other exotic beasts.

Of course, in the beast world, they would turn into a streak of light and disappear without leaving a corpse. However, before they completely disappeared, a fraction of the light could be consumed by the subdued beast, and the benefits of that were not much different from physically consuming them.

Most subdued beasts preferred to actually enjoy the flesh and meat of the exotic beasts, however.

At this moment, the tamed beasts by their respective masters’ sides were looking longingly in the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede’s direction. Every one of them wanted to get a piece of the pie, but they were afraid of the latter’s strength and didn’t dare to come forward.

Wu Junyu’s Black Wind Beast suffered a sneak attack earlier. Now that the Hidden Sandworm was killed, it seemed very eager. It probably wanted to go vent out some of its frustrations on the corpse.

“Erm, Huang Tielan, can my beast get a bite of the exotic beast’s flesh?” As its master, Wu Junyu understood his beast’s desire.

He knew that without any beast card restoration solution, the best way for his beast to recover was to eat a sumptuous meal. Thus, even though he wasn’t on good terms with Huang Tielan, he put his pride aside and asked for the favor.

Huang Tielan’s eyes shifted slightly, then she smiled and nodded, “No problem. This worm is so long; my Xiaohong can’t possibly finish it by itself. Let your beast come over and eat some too.”

Wu Junyu was immediately wild with joy and commanded, “Go, Xiaohei!”

That dumb black bear’s eyes beamed with light. It immediately ran to the Hidden Sandworm’s corpse, but it was still weary of the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede and avoided it. The black bear aimed at the parts that were nearer to the hole and started tearing at its flesh.

Seeing this, the rest of the students were feeling tempted as well.

There was still a huge chunk of the Hidden Sandworm’s corpse hidden underground. If they dragged it out, it was probably enough for everyone’s beast to feast on.

However, before a second person could open their mouth, Wu Junyu’s black bear suddenly stopped moving. Its huge figure stiffened and fell onto the ground.

Wu Junyu was shocked. He cried out, “Xiaohei, what happened to you?”

This bronze quality Black Wind Beast was prepared for him by his family, spending tens of thousand dollars to buy it. If it were to die here for some unknown reasons, that’d truly be an injustice.

Just as Wu Junyu was going to rush up to check on it, the second lieutenant by the side spoke up, “Don’t worry. Your beast was only poisoned. Return it to your spiritual sea and it will recover in a few hours.”

Mmm, the Hidden Sandworm was injected with quite an amount of poison by the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede earlier. It would be a wonder if the Black Wind Beast wasn’t poisoned after devouring its flesh.

Wu Junyu finally understood what happened and felt relieved after hearing Lieutenant Qi’s explanation. All was good if his beast is going to be fine.

However, he felt a little discontented towards Lieutenant Qi immediately after. Since you knew it would turn out this way, why didn’t you remind me earlier?

Of course, he didn’t dare to express his feelings out loud.

Even so, Lieutenant Qi’s bright eyes swept across Wu Junyu’s face and seemed to know what he was thinking. He said in a ridiculing tone, “What, are you blaming me for not reminding you?”

Wu Junyu hurriedly averted his gaze and claimed profusely, “I don’t dare to.”

Hehe, he was a greenhorn, indeed. He didn’t know how to conceal his thoughts at all. ‘Don’t dare to’, that means he still resented him inwardly, but he didn’t dare voice it out.

The Lieutenant didn’t seem to care, however. The faint smile on his face suddenly disappeared and he swept his gaze across the group of students. He said indifferently, “This is my first lesson to all of you.”

Seeing everyone was looking his way, Second Lieutenant Qi continued, “I know that you learned from the books that a subdued beast can strengthen itself via devouring an exotic beast’s flesh and blood. If it managed to consume a mid or high-tier beast, there is even a chance for it to increase its current level, advancing into a higher star rank. However…” Lieutenant Qi’s expression finally turned strict.

“However, not all exotic beast’s flesh and blood is safe for consumption. For example, this Hidden Sandworm from before. Didn’t you see that it was killed by this girl’s beast using poison?

“The reason why her centipede beast was able to enjoy the sandworm’s flesh was because the poison originated from it. Naturally it wouldn’t be affected. However, can’t you guys use your brains a little? You actually wanted to let your own beasts take a bite as well!

“Remember this. If you wish to continue surviving from beast battles in the future, you have to be more observant, and think more!”

The students suddenly came to a realization and lowered their heads in shame.

Such was the case for Wu Junyu especially. It could be said that he made a big fool of himself in front of everyone. At this moment, his fair face was bright red from shame, wishing that he could hide in a hole.

Seeing as the group was in low spirits, Lieutenant Qi didn’t wish to further crush these newbies’ confidence. He clapped his hands and said, “Alright, this is your first actual combat training, after all. It’s understandable that you aren’t familiar with some common knowledge. The combat training is precisely to train you up on your basics. Just remember to not commit the same mistakes.”

After which, the group continued advancing into the woods, but the atmosphere was now vastly different than before.

In the beginning, many of the students were in a curious, playful mood. From then on, their mindsets were properly adjusted, wanting to learn many more things from this outdoor training.

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