Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 217 - Actual Combat is the Only Standard to Evaluate Strength

Chapter 217: Actual Combat is the Only Standard to Evaluate Strength

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“There’s nothing to complaint about regarding his defense. So now, let’s see exactly how good Hanming’s combat strength is.” Zhang Che was naturally especially satisfied with the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s defense.

As long as this guy didn’t fight against exotic beasts like the Scarlet Flame Drake who possessed innate fire abilities, it was as good as having an immortal body. There was no need to worry about his safety at all.

He had the defense. However, if his attacking strength wasn’t up to par, it didn’t count for much, either.

If you wanted to have a good evaluation of a beast’s combat strength, what else was more effective than having an actual battle?

Wasn’t there a phrase that went something like “Actual combat is the only standard to evaluate strength”?

Of course, the Purple Crystal Tortoise still had to retrieve all the of bone spikes before they set off. After the previous battle and the test on the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s defense, all hundred and eight bone spikes were shot out, scattered everywhere.

Fortunately the Purple Crystal Tortoise could assimilate into the rocks as it wished. Otherwise, Zhang Che really wouldn’t dare to use the bone spikes as weapons. How much would he lose if he lost even one of them?

After spending close to half an hour, the Purple Crystal Tortoise finally found all the scattered bone spikes. Afterwards, Zhang Che recalled the Purple Crystal Tortoise into his spiritual sea, along with the Scarlet Flame Drake and Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus.

“Let’s move out,” Zhang Che jumped onto the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s back, his hands holding onto the long mane growing out from the gaps between his scales, which was fascinating to touch.

Afterwards, Zhang Che reached out his hands and felt the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s crystal clear scales. They were cool and smooth to the touch; it truly felt like they were sculpted from a piece of ice.

“Tsk, tsk. I really don’t understand. A fine guy made of flesh and blood was actually turned into this. Can you still eat meat in the future?”

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon flew quickly. Now, it no longer needed to ride on the clouds to fly, nor would it weaken after leaving water.

No matter if it was up in the sky, or into the earth, there were no restrictions!

After hearing what Zhang Che said, this dragon couldn’t help but turn his head around and blink his sapphire-like eyes, seemingly asking him to take a guess.

Zhang Che immediately palmed his face. -Looks like no matter what changes are made to your lifeform, your gluttonous nature will never change.

-Although… this guy’s entire body is already composed of energy. How can it digest the things he eats?

-How confusing…-

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon flew past a few mountain peaks, but they didn’t find any suitable exotic beasts.

According to the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s current strength, he had to find a mid-tier dark gold-quality beast to fight at the very least.

However, even within this vast mountain range, mid-tier dark gold-quality or higher exotic beasts weren’t that easy to find, either. If his luck was good, perhaps he might encounter a few in a day. If not, perhaps he might not even find one in a few days.

Zhang Che felt that his current luck wasn’t very good.

He had already searched through the surrounding area within a few dozen kilometers radius, and yet he didn’t find a single one.

“I’m getting a little hungry. Let’s go hunt two fat and tender exotic beasts and cook them.”

With no spices available, Zhang Che became very picky when it came to the species of exotic beasts he hunted for food. Zhang Che couldn’t even bear to eat ordinary beasts with tough meat. They had to be small herbivorous or omnivorous beasts for Zhang Che to be able to swallow them.

-Hmm, I really miss the Purple-Eyed Fox to the west of the beast world behind Qian Wei City’s spatial gateway!-

Although that exotic beast was extremely small, the taste of its meat was the best Zhang Che ever had, for certain. Even without spices or salt, he could eat fifty kilograms of that meat in one go!

As he indulged in his fantasy, Zhang Che suddenly noticed a flying beast on the horizon.

“Hmm? It looks familiar…”

Although they were very far apart and Zhang Che couldn’t make out the exotic beast’s exact appearance, he felt a hint of familiarity on seeing it.

Curiosity grew in his heart. Zhang Che patted the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, ordering him to change directions. “Let’s give chase and take a look.”

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s flying speed was now not inferior to the Purple Jade Condor. At his fastest, perhaps he could even reach a thousand kilometers per hour!

Most importantly, no matter how fast he flew, the wind would be warded off by the faint abyssal cold aura emitted from his body, not affecting his rider, Zhang Che, in the slightest.

During the flight, it was the best thing Zhang Che had discovered about the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon.

After all, his other powerful beasts and pets, like the Purple Crystal Tortoise, Scarlet Flame Drake, and Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus, could also do battle. Zhang Che could do with or without the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon on this front.

On the other hand, what Zhang Che lacked the most was the ability to travel quickly!

Despite his physique being far stronger than normal humans, when riding on the Purple Jade Condor’s back, Zhang Che could only endure a flight speed of six to seven hundred kilometers per hour at the most. Although this was already very fast, who wouldn’t want to go faster if they could?

The mountains underneath unrolled beneath his eyes, and soon the contours of the flying beast were clearer.

“Oh damn, destiny really does make enemies meet!”

When the flying beast ahead finally noticed the pursuing Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, Zhang Che finally made out its true appearance. It actually turned out to be one of the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons whose eggs were stolen by him!

Well, that was only if there weren’t any other Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons in this area…

The Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon immediately let out an alarmed roar when it saw the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, who it could tell was no pushover with a glance. It was probably saying something like, -Brother, we’re both respectable beasts. If you’re looking for food, there’s plenty of little guys in this area for you to pick from. There’s no need for us to fight.-

However, in the next moment, it saw Zhang Che’s head peeking out on the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s back. Flames of rage immediately burned in all four eyes of both its heads.

A resounding roar rang out. The Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon beat its wings, quickly flying away in the opposite direction…

It escaped, just like that…

Zhang Che, who was all prepared to have the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon go up and fight it, couldn’t help butbe stunned.

-What happened to the feud of eating your young and ruining your family?

-What is the meaning of you roaring and running away? Shouldn’t you rush up to me and draw me into a great battle, fighting for three hundred rounds?-

Zhang Che was depressed! From the looks of it, another chaotic battle was going to ensue.

After all, although the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon was definitely able to handle fighting two Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons, he wouldn’t be able to look after Zhang Che if he did.

“Give chase! I don’t believe it can escape to the ends of the world. That guy definitely returned to find its partner.” Zhang Che slapped the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s back, his eyes radiating a golden light.

In any case, they were two six-star dark gold-quality exotic beasts. After obtaining their beast cards, even if he didn’t use them for himself, he could wait for a good offer and keep them for now.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon instantly accelerated, speeding along like a bolt of blue lightning. Zhang Che sat on his back, not moving in the slightest. His lips curled up into a grin, -This really is the best mount possible! No matter how he flies, I don’t have to worry about falling as long as he doesn’t make a flip!-

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