Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Chapter 020 – This Doesn’t Make Any Sense!

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“Sit here, Zhang Xiaoche!”

With curiosity and excitement in their hearts, the group of boys and girls got on the military vehicle and looked for a seat.

Zhang Che swept his gaze across the vehicle, thinking of where to sit when he saw Huang Tielan sitting by the side waving at him, occupying two seats.

“Huang Tielan, please call me Zhang Che!”

Originally, Zhang Che didn’t want to sit together with Huang Tielan. However, upon remembering the reason he was able to reap a huge profit in the beast world was all thanks to the beast card she gifted him, he could only embrace the ridiculing gazes of his classmates and sit down in the spot where Huang Tielan freed up.

“Alright, Zhang Xiaoche!” Huang Tielan smiled gleefully, not caring about Zhang Che’s insistence.

Zhang Che was helpless about it and could only let her be. After sitting down, he fished out a beast card from his shirt pocket. It was the one-star silver Fiery Scorpion card. He handed it to her, thanking her sincerely, “Huang Tielan, it’s all thanks to this card of yours that I returned successfully from the beast world and obtained my own beasts. Now, please take this card back. You can use it later at the southern suburbs.”

Huang Tielan looked at the Fiery Scorpion card with a wronged expression, replying, “How can I take back something I gave to you? Why don’t you present me with a beast card of similar strength in the future?”

Of course Zhang Che knew what she was thinking. He shook his head resolutely and said, “I’ll definitely get you a decent beast card in the future as thanks, but please accept the Fiery Scorpion card. Otherwise, what are you going to use for the training later?”

Huang Tielan let out a crafty smile as a one-star silver card suddenly appeared between the tips of her fingers.

“Who said that I don’t have another beast?”

Zhang Che was stunned. He looked at the one-star silver card in Huang Tielan’s hand, unable to say a word for quite some time.

-Okay, us paupers really can’t understand the ways of the rich…-

A one-star silver card costs 100 thousand Alliance dollars, at the very least. Let alone a high school student, even some Tier 2 or 3 beastmasters might not necessarily own a one-star silver card, and yet Huang Tielan was able to take out another one, even after giving him one!

He could only think that Huang Tielan’s family really shouldn’t be underestimated…

However, Zhang Che felt relieved immediately after. To be able to get the man outside the spatial gateway to prepare a backpack for him, this was obviously not something a commoner’s child could do.

Zhang Che shook his head helplessly and said to Huang Tielan, “Fine. Take it as I’m borrowing the Fiery Scorpion from you. I’ll definitely get you a better card in the future as thanks.”

“That’s more like it. We’ll happily leave it at that!” Huang Tielan chuckled. Her eyes narrowed into a slit as she extended her chubby palm to swear their promises with a high-five.

Zhang Che blanked out for a moment, before slapping her palm unwillingly. He looked as if he was a damsel being threatened by a fierce man.


The Southern Suburb Woods was located about ten km outside Qian Wei City to the south. Originally, there were several villages around here.

However, the exotic beasts from the disaster thirty-six years ago levelled these villages. The survivors all escaped into the city, and the area gradually turned into woodlands.

After the spatial gateways appeared, not only was there a horde of innumerable beasts, there was also an unknown energy gushing out from it, causing the vegetation to grow wildly. Almost all of the unpopulated wilderness became an unending forest.

According to the observations from the satellites, even the deserts on Mercury had grown large oases. In time to come, the deserts might possibly disappear completely.

In a way, the mysterious spatial gateways benefited Mercury. At the very least, the poor environment from the past had recovered quickly.


A fleet of military vehicles travelled along an abandoned road, arriving at the Southern Suburb Woods, and stopped at a spacious flat ground.

There was a whole team of fully geared military personnel waiting for their arrival. After the military vehicles reached their destination, the lieutenants that rode with the vehicles led their respective groups of students to gather as a whole. Following that, they met up with a small team of military personnel, who proceeded to explain the disciplinary rules and regulations. Then, they separated back into smaller groups and headed into the woods in different directions.

“Woah, it’s just as written in the books. The plants really are really growing madly!” a student exclaimed in shock, looking at the dense forest before him. He continued, “I remember my father mentioning before that he came here in the past, and there was farmland everywhere, without any trees.”

After the coming of the new age, people rarely went to the suburbs. The youngsters had no inkling of what it used to look like. They only heard some vague descriptions of the suburbs from the adults.

Now that they saw the vastly different scenery for themselves, they couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.

Although the outdoor training was supposed to train the students’ actual combat proficiency, in order to avoid any mishaps, the military had combed through the area. The powerful beasts were all disposed of.

Within a radius of several dozen kilometers, only some weak beasts were left alive for the students to practice on.

Even so, the military assigned a small team of fully geared soldiers to every class, and the leading lieutenants were all Tier Three beastmasters. Their beasts alone would be sufficient to handle any unexpected incidents.

Not long after Class Two set off, the leading second lieutenant suddenly stopped in place and turned around to the students, saying, “Alright, everyone, we might encounter exotic beasts after we enter the area. Summon your respective beasts now. I don’t want you to get all flustered when the time comes.”

The boys and girls grew excited. The moment had finally arrived!

Thus, over twenty students called forth the beast cards from their spiritual seas one after another. At least one card appeared in each student’s hand.

Wu Junyu summoned his beast card by his side as he glanced over in Zhang Che’s direction, curious about what quality of a beast card this fellow had obtained in the beast world.

He was quite far away from Zhang Che during their ride and missed out on what happened between them. At this moment, he was thinking, -Even if this fellow returned from the beast world by some stroke of luck, he wouldn’t have gotten anything amazing, right?

-Mm, it’d be pretty good for him if he got a black iron quality beast card. There’s no way he’ll get anything better than my bronze quality Xiaohei!-

However, the smile on Wu Junyu’s face grew stiff in the next moment.

He saw the emotionless Zhang Che holding one… two bronze beast cards in his hand.

“How is this possible?! It doesn’t make any sense!”

Wu Junyu’s lower jaw nearly dropped to the ground, looking at Zhang Che’s hands incredulously.

-How could this fellow possibly have two bronze quality beast cards!?-

If Wu Junyu were to find out that Zhang Che was actually hiding his cards and didn’t take out the silver quality Fiery Scorpion, who knew what he’d think then?

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