Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 184 - What the Hell is with this Place

Chapter 184: What the Hell is with this Place

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“I’m so hungry… who knows how long I flew in that endless tunnel…”

Zhang Che slowly crawled up from the ground to his feet. His surroundings was shrouded in darkness, leaving him feeling greatly doubtful, -I’m already feeling this hungry; why is it still night time? Where exactly am I?-

He had no idea whether he was still in the beast world. However, from the looks of it, he wasn’t on Mercury at the very least, because there wasn’t a hint of light in the sky.

-I better fill my stomach first, or I’ll have no energy to go find out where this place is .-

With a wave of his hand, the Rock Tortoise appeared and slammed into the ground, crushing countless blades of grasses and flowers.

Just as he was about to order the Rock Tortoise to spit out some roasted meat, Zhang Che suddenly froze on the spot for a moment, before he slapped the back of his head with a crisp smack.

He didn’t even know where this place was; it wasn’t safe to take out the roasted meat.

However, after all residues of the demonic flower were removed, Zhang Che’s strength didn’t seem to decrease one bit. It was an unexpected surprise.

The only frustrating thing was that his huge appetite remained. It seemed like Zhang Che had no choice but to walk on the path of an appetite king all the way. It truly left him desperate.

Eating only compressed biscuits wasn’t a solution, either. Zhang Che summoned the frisky monkey.

Before he could put a word in, the frisky monkey started jumping up and down excitedly. This fellow had been locked up in his spiritual sea for a few days now. Now that it was finally let out to take a breather, it was so happy it could ascend to the heavens.

Zhang Che suddenly felt thankful that he didn’t have to take part in that damned examination any longer. Otherwise, would his pets fall into depression if they were locked up for too long?

“Stop celebrating. We still have no idea where we are. Be careful of drawing strong foes here,” Zhang Che slapped the back of the frisky monkey’s head. He instructed, “Go, look around for some fruits and bring them back here. Your master daddy, I, is starving to death. Remember to be careful; don’t make too much noise.”

“Zhizhi!” No one knew if the frisky monkey was done celebrating, or if he heard what Zhang Che said. He nodded and ran off nimbly into the dense forest at the side.

After thinking for a little, Zhang Che summoned the Gale Wolf King, Dark-Scaled Lizard Commander, and the Cold Abyss Flood Dragon. Now that he was in an unknown place, it was better to be more cautious.


Just like that, he waited for close to half an hour, sitting on the ground, his back leaning against a thick tree trunk. Suddenly, rustling sounds rang from his side. It was the frisky monkey. He returned with a pile of fruits in his hands, wrapped in a few large leaves.

Zhang Che couldn’t help but be annoyed at the fact that he didn’t have his backpack on him when he was sucked in by that mysterious chaotic mass of light. Otherwise, he could get the frisky monkey to fill it up with fruits and eat them together with the compressed biscuits. It would be a pretty good experience, too.

When the frisky monkey came up to Zhang Che carrying the bundle of fruits, Zhang Che retrieved a flintstone lighter from the Rock Tortoise and ignited it. He immediately confirmed that he was indeed still in the beast world.

In that bundle of fruits, there weren’t any fruits that he recognized.

“But, perhaps this isn’t the beast world either, and is instead a foreign world?”

Thinking of that, Zhang Che felt his scalp turning numb.

However, now that he was surrounded in darkness, he didn’t have the guts to walk out of this forest and see for himself, either. It was better to keep to himself and fill up his stomach for now.

Thinking of this, Zhang Che waved his hand at the Rock Tortoise and ordered it to spit out a big packet of compressed biscuits. Zhang Che took the biscuits, and along with the frisky monkey, the two of them started feasting.

After eating his fill, Zhang Che didn’t care about anything else, and had his subdued beasts and pet guard by his side, while he directly laid down on the grass. Any matters would have to wait until he had a good sleep.

It was regrettable that the Vampiric Demon Carpet’s body was sticky. Otherwise, it would surely be very comfortable to sleep on that layer of fur.

Zhang Che slept very soundly. Other than a slight sticky feeling on his body, there weren’t any creatures that came to bother him. By the time he woke up from his sleep, it was already daytime.

After he woke up, the only thing Zhang Che felt was thirst.

It was as if the inside of his mouth was burning. His entire body felt a little weak.

While he was still in the endless tunnel yesterday, he lost a lot of water through perspiration. After he arrived at this unknown world, he didn’t dare to casually go around finding a water source to drink, either. He only ate some fruits, which were truly not enough to replenish the amount of water he had lost.

Now that the sky was all bright, he could finally walk out of this forest and explore outside.

With a wave of his hand, a dark golden streak of light shot out from between his brow, and directly broke through the concentrated trees and branches above, emerging into the vast sky.

Less than three seconds passed before the Purple Jade Condor came flying back down and landed at Zhang Che’s side, trembling like a timid little girl who just saw a ghost. Its entire body was shaking non-stop.

Zhang Che’s heart sank. -Shit, is there some powerful exotic beast in the sky?-

He whipped out the Rotten Ent Prowler whip with a wave of his hand, and coiled it around a tree branch on the tree behind him. He quickly crawled his way up, reaching the tree top a few dozen meters up there, and looked through the gaps between the leaves at the sky.

Zhang Che directly sucked in a breath of cold air as he took his first glimpse.

In the vast sky above, he saw a few winged dragon-like monsters that resembled the pteranodons from Jurassic Park flying past. Their bodies were extremely huge; when their wings were spread, they were actually about forty to fifty meters wide!

Although he had no idea how strong these fellows were, Zhang Che was sure that his Purple Jade Condor was no match for these winged dinosaurs at all. It would only be trampled upon.

Well, he could tell that from the way the Purple Jade Condor came scrambling back so pathetically…

Although this fellow was an emotionless subdued beast, it was still aware of the concept of avoiding the strong and preying on the weak. If it didn’t sense the horrifying strength of those creatures, why would it suddenly become as timid as a turtle?

Fortunately, those horrifying creatures didn’t seem to notice the sudden appearance of the Purple Jade Condor. They kept beating their huge wings and flew into the distance, soon disappearing from Zhang Che’s sight.

Suddenly, a high-pitched neighing rang out from the bushes some distance away. That terrifying sound wave actually raised a gust of wind as it blew through the surrounding vegetation, producing waves of rustling sounds.

Zhang Che was caught unprepared. His hands nearly slipped and he almost fell off from the top of the tree.

Immediately afterwards, a fight seemed to have broken out between huge creatures in the forest in the far distance. Huge tree after tree fell, one after another.

While the unknown creatures fought, loud banging noises rang out one after another violently, as if someone was beating drums next to Zhang Che’s ear.

“What the hell is up with this freaking place!?”

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