Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Chapter 017 – Becoming Stronger For Your Sake

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“Outdoor survival training?”

After bidding farewell to Han Sheqing, Zhang Che thought back about the news his teacher had told him. His eyes narrowed slightly.

It seemed like the Alliance was taking students’ development more seriously now. In the past, there would only be outdoor training after one had entered university, and now they actually implemented it during the third year of high school.

Judging by that trend, it was probable in the future that not only would senior high schoolers be required to undergo such training, but all students who had already become beastmasters.

After all, increasingly stronger exotic beasts would make their appearances during the once-a-decade beast horde. Scientific weapons alone were no longer sufficient to deal with them. They had to rely on the competent high-tier beastmasters to fend off the beasts.

Even so, every high-tier beastmaster needed time to become as strong as they were, and many of them would fall to the horde every ten years. This gave the Alliance a serious sense of crisis.

Under such circumstances, raising the levels of the low-tier beastmasters became their main focus.

If they could start the beastmasters’ training even a day earlier, then the talented ones would rise to the ranks of high-tier beastmasters a day earlier. This would definitely be greatly beneficial to the Alliance’s strength as a whole.

Teacher Han even revealed a piece of information to Zhang Che, saying that the universities in the various regions which specialized in recruiting beastmasters would start to lower their criteria for cultural subjects from this year onwards. As long as the students were promising among the beastmasters, even if their cultural grades were lower than trash, they would be accepted into the beastmaster universities.

This news gave Zhang Che much delight.

After being reborn into a new life, there was no way he could get used to the life of a student and having to handle examinations again.

Now, as long as his own strength continued to rise steadily, even if he was absent from school for the next two months, he could still enroll in the prestigious universities in the Hua Xia region.

In Zhang Che’s vision, he would continue entering the beast world frequently from now on to hunt beasts and get beast cards. On one hand, he would be raising his skills as a beastmaster as fast as he can, while on the other hand, he would be raising the level of his fusion skill as quickly as possible.

As long as he could raise his fusion skill to level 2, then he could fuse three-star beast cards at the very least, increasing his beasts’ strengths greatly!

In this vast, brilliant world, if one wished to live a better life, there was no way better than becoming a top-tier beastmaster!

As for Zhang Che, who had a cheat-like advantage over others, he knew very clearly that he could definitely rise to become one of the figures at the very top of the pyramid, provided he was willing to work for it!

“I’m back, Mom!”

Returning back to his home in the poor neighborhood, Zhang Che could not suppress the excitement in his heart and called out.

“You’re back, Xiaoche!” Sun Lan replied in pleasantly surprise from inside the house. She quickly ran to the door and opened it. Seeing Zhang Che standing in front of the door with a slight smile, she hurriedly pulled him in.

“Have you eaten, Xiaoche? Should Mom cook some noodles for you?”

After not seeing her son for several days, Sun Lan’s pale, sickly face showed an affectionate smile, and she asked about her son’s wellness at the first opportunity.

Zhang Che’s eyes reddened uncontrollably. He shook his head and replied, “I’ve eaten, Mom. I’m not hungry. Take a seat first. I have good news for you.”

Since he returned safely, Zhang Che was prepared to tell Sun Lan the news about him becoming a beastmaster and earning enough money to cure her illness to cheer her up.

Sun Lan’s heart skipped a beat, but her expression remained unchanged. She nodded, looking at Zhang Che with a smile and said, “Alright, so what good news does Xiaoche have for Mommy?”

“Mom, I passed the beastmaster aptitude test and am now an official beastmaster!”

“Really?” Sun Lan’s eyes widened slightly. She feigned a happy look and said, “Then Mom will have to congratulate Xiaoche!”

In Sun Lan’s heart, however, she sighed, -In the end, Xiaoche still set foot on this path. I can only hope that he won’t be unlucky like his father. I’d be content if he could live his life out safely.-

Seeing as Sun Lan didn’t seem too happy, Zhang Che revealed another shocking piece of news.

“I’m sorry, Mom, I lied to you. I wasn’t participating in school activities over the past few days, but I entered the beast world-”

“What!?” Sun Lan cried out in dismay. “Xiaoche, how could you go into the beast world? It’s too dangerous in there! What if something happened to you? How is Mommy supposed to continue living by herself?”

Although she was no beastmaster herself, she still had some knowledge regarding the beast worlds. She knew how dangerous it was in there, and after hearing that her son was in there for the past few days, her heart was immediately in disarray.

Even if her son was sitting in front of her in one piece at this moment, what if something untoward had happened to him? What would she do in the future?

Moreover, her son might have returned safely this time, but what about the next time? And the time after that?

This was something nobody could guarantee, not even those powerful beastmasters. There were many who went missing after entering the beast world, let alone Zhang Che, who’d just become a Tier One beastmaster!

After seeing the complete change in Sun Lan’s expression, Zhang Che knew what she was worrying about. He couldn’t help but console her with a slight smile,

“Don’t worry. Mom. I know I’m weak. I was only hunting near the edge of the safe zone, killing some low-tier beasts. I didn’t dare to venture out at all.

“Didn’t I say I have some good news for you? It wasn’t me becoming a beastmaster, but that I obtained some decent beast cards in the beast world. Your illness can be cured now!”

As he spoke, Zhang Che opened his personal terminal and navigated to his account balance. He brought it to Sun Lan and said, “Look, Mom. I earned almost a million Alliance dollars on this trip! We’ll go to the hospital to buy the genetic restoration medicine in a few days. Your illness will surely be fully cured.”

Looking at the long chain of numbers displayed on Zhang Che’s personal terminal on his account balance, Sun Lan was taken aback, and had to confirm what she saw again. Her eyes reddened, and two trails of tears rolled down her cheeks.

She knew that although Zhang Che spoke about this in such a relaxed manner, and how safe this was, she knew that with his strength as a new beastmaster, only the heavens knows how many exotic beasts he hunted in the past few days to earn this much money!

Not only that, who knew how much danger he had to overcome to have accomplished this!

Looking at the increasingly less childish face of her son, Sun Lan felt inexplicably touched. Tears flowed as she smiled, “My Xiaoche has grown up…”

Zhang Che’s eyes were slightly red, too, as he replied with a smile, “I’ve grown up, Mom. Not only am I able to earn money to cure your illness, I will even let you live a much better life in the future.”

“Good, good, good. I trust that Xiaoche will surely be able to do just that. But you have to promise Mommy, that you must pay attention to your own safety. Mommy doesn’t wish to see you end up like your father. Can you promise me that?”

“Don’t worry, Mom. I still have to find you a beautiful daughter-in-law, and give birth to a bunch of cute grandchildren to let you enjoy your days.”

Zhang Che nodded deeply, as he promised to himself inwardly, -For your sake, I will definitely become much, much stronger!-

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