Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Chapter 012 – Outdoor Combat Training

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Ugh, speaking of living off a woman, Zhang Che couldn’t help but think of Huang Tielan’s tall and sturdy figure. His body shuddered. This kind of soft rice was better off not eating.¹

Walking out of the trading hub, Zhang Che felt a huge burden lift from his chest.

With today’s earnings, his mother’s illness could finally be treated. Nothing was more important than this matter.

Of course, he couldn’t return to the city right now.

Both the beast cards he was using now didn’t belong to him. He still had to continue hunting beasts in the beast world tomorrow. Otherwise, he’d really be living off of a woman!

Moreover, even though the money he earned today was nearly enough to buy the gene restoration solution, what about after that?

He’d definitely be reduced to a pauper once more. This wasn’t something Zhang Che was willing to accept!

As for school, since Zhang Che had successfully become a beastmaster, even if the score for his other subjects are a little lower, it wouldn’t affect his enrolling into a university.

Nowadays, the focus of entrance exams weren’t on cultural scores, but on whether one was able to become a beastmaster. Otherwise, no matter how good their results were, they can only choose to study in research-related professions, which were much less well-regarded than a beastmaster.

Not to mention, with his ability to visualize a beast’s attributes, Zhang Che could totally choose to study as a beast cultivator! When he gained a reputation in the future, not only were his prospects good, his social standing would be incomparably high!

In order to raise the level of a beast card, one had to nurture it through combat, and even so, their growth had a limit.

Using his ability to see the potential in a beast card, Zhang Che would know that a loach could at most grow into a python, and not a flood dragon.

As such, the direction of human research was more towards raising the quality of a beast. At the same level, a beast of higher quality indicated a higher combat strength.

Not only that, an increase in its quality provided much more value to a beast’s strength than an increase in its level.

According to research conducted, a one-star bronze beast was comparable in strength to a two-star black iron beast.

Meanwhile, a one-star silver beast was comparable to a two-star bronze beast.

If it was the extremely rarely seen one-star gold beast, its strength was even higher than a three-star bronze beast.

As for even higher-quality beasts, they were only legends. At present, let alone seeing one, Zhang Che haven’t even heard of one!


The next morning, Zhang Che entered the beast world once more. First he went to restore his Large Tusk Boar card, before leaving the safe zone and advancing into the mountains ahead of him.

Speaking of which, the Large Tusk Boar card his homeroom teacher, Han Sheqing, lent to him had decent strength. However, Huang Tielan’s Fiery Scorpion had completely overshadowed it, and its full potential wasn’t unleashed. What a tragic thing!

Going forward, he could only hope a chance arose for this fellow to prove itself. No matter what, it was still a bronze-tier beast. Its tusks, which were half a meter long, contained devastating strength!


At Qian Wei City Number Two Secondary School, Year 3 Class 2 classroom…

Looking at his students below the stage, Han Sheqing announced a very important matter.

“Class, from this week onwards, Year Three classes will be taking an extra Outdoor Combat Training class. Students with their own subdued beasts, please gather in school every Saturday morning at 8 AM. Military personnel will handle the logistics for you to head to the suburbs to hunt some isolated beasts, and use this opportunity to train your abilities to manage your beasts.”

The moment this was announced, the class atmosphere immediately exploded.

Students who had their own beasts grew excited. Actual combat! This was something everyone had been looking forward to!

One had to know that the usual training they gave to their beasts only consisted of attacking some inanimate objects. Only those who were well-off had the means to procure some low-level beasts to use as training on their own.

As for going to the suburbs alone to hunt for isolated beasts… Forget that; it was much too dangerous.

Let alone the off chance that they were unlucky and encountered a powerful beast (Although the beasts in the wild were mostly eradicated by the military, there are still some that managed to slip through), there were shady people operating in the countryside. That by itself was a variable they had to take into concern. Who knew if they would get robbed?

With the military organizing the activity, everyone’s safety was guaranteed, at the very least, and they could train their beasts’ fighting strength. It truly couldn’t get any better than that!

What, did you say Saturdays are rest days?

Che, to have the opportunity to train their beasts, except for an extremely small minority of people who weren’t looking to improve themselves, who cares if you were resting or not? Instead, they would rather have the opportunity to do this every day!

Compared to the high-spirited students who had their own beasts, the other students couldn’t help but reveal dejected looks on their faces, especially those ‘trash’ who no longer had any hopes of becoming a beastmaster in their lifetime. Their faces looked as if they were in mourning.

“Keep quiet, everyone. Don’t cause a ruckus.”

Han Sheqing creased his brow. When the students quietened down, he continued, “Those who aren’t beastmasters, don’t feel dispirited. Work hard to get into a good university. You can work towards becoming a beast cultivator, too. Moreover, even if you aren’t able to work in a profession related to beasts, it’s not like we don’t need talents in other fields!

“Society is diversified. As long as you work hard, you will definitely find a place where you belong. You mustn’t lose heart.”

When Han Sheqing was done speaking, Wu Junyu raised his hand.

“Wu Junyu, do you have a question?”

Wu Junyu stood up from his seat, feeling the gaze of his classmates as he asked, “Teacher Han, why aren’t we going to the beast world to conduct our outdoor combat training?”

This question was exactly what everybody else was thinking.

-Right, isn’t it better to go directly to the beast world to conduct the outdoor combat training?-

There were more exotic beasts in there, and there was even a chance of obtaining beast cards! That was much better than doing so in the suburbs.

Han Sheqing swept his gaze across his students and explained, “Technological devices aren’t usable in the beast world, and the possibility of encountering a high-tier beast is also higher. It is too dangerous. Thus, the beast world wasn’t chosen as the location for the outdoor combat training. Of course, you don’t have to be anxious, either. When you enter university in the future, they will organize things for beastmasters to train in the beast world.”

It was only after hearing this that they realized it was indeed too dangerous.

In the beast world, all technological devices were rendered useless. Even the most important combat force of humans, firearms, were unable to function. The military didn’t dare to guarantee the safety of everyone if that was the case.

Moreover, the geographical environment in the beast world was complicated. What if someone got separated from the group?

It wasn’t like the outside world in there, where everybody had their personal terminal and could be located with GPS easily.

In that case, even if they couldn’t go to the beast world, going to the suburbs to hunt for some low-tier beast was also very worth looking forward to!

In the blink of an eye, every student who has their own beast was eager with anticipation, wishing that tomorrow was Saturday!


Translator’s Note:

1: In China, a man living off of a woman is known as eating soft rice, because you’re not living off on your own hard work.

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