Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Chapter 011 – First Pot of Gold

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Originally, Zhang Che had thought that his cheat-like advantage only allowed him to visualize the beasts’ information. However, that was far from the truth.

At present, being able to combine two beast cards of identical species and level into a higher levelled beast card didn’t seem to be of much use.

Taking the Maneater Leech cards in Zhang Che’s hands, for example, the price of two two-star cards wasn’t very different from the price of a three-starred card.

But, what about the future?

Once the fusion skill advances into a higher level, the heaven-defying aspects of this skill would gradually reveal itself.

The strength of beasts had a huge leap every three ranks.

The difference in power between a three-starred beast and a four-starred beast was much greater than the power difference between a two-starred beast and a three-starred beast.

Fusing two two-star cards into a three-star card didn’t have much value, but if it was fusing two three-star cards into a four-star card, it wouldn’t be too much to say that its value would increase tenfold!

Of course, these were all matters to be considered in the future. At present, it was better to see how much this guy in front of Zhang Che was willing to pay for the Maneater Leech card.

“So, how much are you offering?”

Currently, Zhang Che and that young man were sitting in a restaurant located in the safe zone. A glass of beer was placed in front of each of them. Naturally, this flat-headed young man sitting in front of Zhang Che was a couple years older, and was the one buying their drinks.

“A hundred and fifty thousand,” the young man offered sincerely, looking at Zhang Che. “This price is really not low. Brother Expert is probably aware of the market rates; usually a two-star bronze card is only priced around a hundred thousand.”

Zhang Che raised his hand and said, “But the Maneater Leech is a defensive beast card. You should know the value of that, right? One hundred eighty thousand and it’s a deal. Otherwise, forget it.”

Seeing as Zhang Che was being so unrelenting, the muscles at the corner of the young man’s mouth twitched a little. He had originally wanted to bargain some more, but he decided to keep quiet instead.

“Fine, a hundred and eighty thousand it is, then. I’ll take it as I, Wang Dong, making an acquaintance with Brother Expert. However, technological devices are rendered useless in the beast world. Why don’t we head outside to complete the transaction?”

Zhang Che nodded and stood up from his seat, walking towards the spatial gateway at the middle of the safe zone plaza.

After all, everyone entered the beast world to hunt the beasts. Who would bring so much cash on them for no reason?

The transaction concluded successfully. Zhang Che’s account was now 180k richer, while Wang Dong obtained a beast card he fancied. It could be said that everyone had arrived at a happy ending.

“Brother Expert, let’s add each other as friends. Please don’t forget about this brother if you have good stuff in the future. You won’t be disappointed with the price, for sure!”

Before leaving, Wang Dong even took the initiative to add Zhang Che as friends, so that he could purchase quality beast cards from the latter in the future.

After all, a low-tier beastmaster who was able to venture into the Maneater Leech forest alone and come out unscathed with two beast cards was something uncommon. Being able to get to know such a person was obviously beneficial!

As such, Zhang Che didn’t reject him, either. Broadening his network opened up another path for him. This old saying wouldn’t be wrong!


After completing his trade with Wang Dong, Zhang Che didn’t enter the beast world again. The sky was already dark, after all, and there was no way he could go out there to hunt like that.

He had originally planned to find somewhere around the military camp to rest, but he couldn’t help but stop after walking a few steps.

Where the light was shining brightly, a huge beast card trading hub with a bustling crowd entered Zhang Che’s eyes.

He thought for a bit and headed towards the beast card trading hub.

Although it was already nighttime, business was still pretty good at the trading hub. People were coming and going, it was incredibly lively. It went to show that their business was more than just good.

After all, not everyone was willing to take on the risk to go hunting beasts in the beast worlds. What was there in this world that money couldn’t buy? You could choose whatever type of beast cards you wanted.

Before he could get near to the trading hub, a middle-aged man whose eyeballs were rolling about alertedly came walking towards Zhang Che, asking in a hushed voice, “Little Bro, are you here to purchase beast cards? I have some cards here that are not bad. I guarantee the price is 10% lower than the trading hub.”


Zhang Che added a word to complete his sentence inwardly. If these middleman traders were credible, then even male pigs could give birth!

“I’m not buying; I’m only here to take a look.”

Zhang Che swept a quick glance at the man without slowing for a beat as he continued walking towards the trading hub.

That man could also tell that Zhang Che wasn’t interested in his so-called cheap goods and could only roll his eyes around, and continue looking for his next potential buyer from the outside crowd.

Zhang Che first went to the sale area to widen his horizons. He realized that the beast cards sold here were truly not cheap, but the good thing was that there was a huge variety of them. Even the rarely seen weapon-type beast cards were sold here.

It was a pity, however. Although Zhang Che had just made a deal of nearly two hundred thousand dollars, compared to the premium goods being sold here, it was really insufficient.

Moreover, he still had to earn money to cure Sun Lan’s illness. Where would he find the spare cash to buy beast cards?

Anyway, the Fiery Scorpion Huang Tielan ‘gifted’ Zhang Che was very competent. He’d rather continue hunting exotic beasts in the beast world tomorrow to earn more beast cards.

Speaking of danger, anywhere was dangerous. One could get knocked down by a car while walking on the streets, or choke to death while drinking water. He only had to be more careful and not venture too deep into the beast world. With the Fiery Scorpion’s powerful offensive strength, there shouldn’t be any problems.

It was too bad that he wouldn’t be advancing into a tier 2 beastmaster in the near future. Otherwise, any ordinary non-elemental attacks from low-tier beasts wouldn’t be able to penetrate Zhang Che’s defense after he equipped the two-star silver-tier Purple-Gold Maneater Leech card.

After he browsed through the beast cards being sold in the sale area, Zhang Che made his way to the neighboring purchase area.

The work staff here had excellent customer service. There weren’t any cases where someone would belittle Zhang Che after noticing his young age, followed by a session of face-slapping.

That was especially true when Zhang Che took out two two-star bronze cards and a two-star silver card from his pocket. He was immediately treated warmly, causing him to suspect whether the receptionist girl had taken a liking to him.

When Zhang Che walked out of the trading hub, a slight smile with a hint of relief was hanging on his face.

The two-star bronze-tiered Maneater Leech card was sold to the trading hub for the price of one hundred sixty-five thousand dollars each, while the silver-tiered Purple-Gold Maneater Leech card was sold at the high price of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Of course, this price wasn’t as high as when one traded with another privately, the advantage was that it was safe. Not only that, his identity wouldn’t be exposed, sparing him from future trouble.

Zhang Che had neither powerful strength nor backers. Naturally, he wouldn’t want to take such risks.

In just the short span of one day, Zhang Che managed to earn a huge sum of nine hundred and sixty thousand dollars. His efficiency was shockingly high!

Of course, the Fiery Scorpion gifted to him by by Huang Tielan had everything to do with it.

If Zhang Che only possesed a one-star black iron beast card, he wouldn’t even be able to make fifty thousand, let alone almost a million, and it would be extremely dangerous.

That’s why life was much easier being a rich man. No matter what occupation they were in, their starting point would be much higher than commoners!

Although Zhang Che wasn’t a rich guy, he had the potential to live off a woman!

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