Demon Hunter

Chapter 23.3 - Lonely Dragonrider

Chapter 23.3 - Lonely Dragonrider

Su’s mood became extremely heavy. Sally’s selection was made after meticulous thought, without any thought for taste or flavors and completely on the highest amount of nutrition each yuan could provide. It could be seen that she was an extremely attentive girl and not greedy at all.

What Sally said was correct. The Black Dragonriders, and even the many families established by the Blood Parliament were all pure-blooded lineages without any individuals with mutated tissues. They would occasionally play with the women in the wilderness, but they wouldn’t truly provide for them unless they were slaves.

Su couldn’t take care of her, and where he could help this girl with such a great dream was perhaps only a meal. Right now, Su was extremely poor, to the point where all of his expenditures came from Persephone’s support. There was no way he could use this woman’s money to raise another woman.

In addition, right now, Su had more important responsibilities within the Black Dragonriders, towards both the little girl from back then and the current Persephone. Just these two responsibilities already completely exceeded Su’s current capabilities. Ricardo Fabregas was entirely correct when he said that the Su right now could not help Sally.

The shoulders of a man could be wide, Su often felt that his were extremely narrow when he wanted to, or ought to undertake responsibility.

After paying the bill, Su left the dining hall. The carefully selected meal that was as cheap as it could be had already used up most of the money Su had on him.

Just by eating this meal alone, Su could abstain from eating anything for four or five days. When he walked through the doors of the training base, Su suddenly thought that he might be the poorest second lieutenant in the history of the Black Dragonriders. He laughed self-mockingly before walking towards his residence.

The enormous city the Black Dragonriders occupied was called Dragon City. This was, of course, a name given in the new era. In the old era, Dragon City had another name and that was Boston.

Behind the several hundred formal members of the Black Dragonriders stood several ten-fold subordinates. Apart from this, there were still hundreds of large and small companies, organizations, and even personal workshops silently supporting this terrifyingly powerful colossus. They occupied the surrounding zone of Dragon City, and only after obtaining a permit could they enter the flourishing, magnificent, and enormous city district. At the heart of Dragon City was the exclusive region for Black Dragonriders and their subordinates.

Many of the highways leaving Dragon City were already repaired, but they only reached about ten or so kilometers out from the city. As such, regardless of whether it was the Black Dragonriders or other individuals within Dragon City, when leaving, they had to prepare powerful off-road transportation. Only those truly powerful figures could use cars from the olden era that prioritized comfort and did not possess any off-road capabilities.

When dusk came, dust surged at the foot of Dragon City’s Paradise Mountains. A five member fleet of off-road vehicles moved around at the foot of the mountain and sped towards Dragon City.

The equipment on these off-road vehicles seemed rather weak, with only two vehicles at the front armed with 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine guns. Apart from this, they didn’t have any other heavy firepower. However, the weak looking fleet’s hidden force wasn’t as weak as what its external appearance looked like. Those that were familiar with the Black Dragonriders would know what the shield with a rose painted on the inside of it on the middle off-road vehicle meant. This was the insignia of a Black Dragonrider general, and the general’s strength alone already exceeded a small armed fleet.

Inside of the central off-road vehicle, the space in the back was completely isolated, maximizing comfort and secrecy. The decorations inside of the vehicle were luxurious, and there were even countless modifications and installations that the general personally requested.

Persephone, dressed in her general uniform, sat upright in the back seat. Her body was perfectly straight, and not even the pickiest person could find the slightest flaw in her seated posture. Those that were familiar with her knew that as long as it was a mission, the sexy and intelligent young general would turn into an icy mountain, one that resembled a soldier from head to toe. Even if it was in a place of complete secrecy like this seat, she would still maintain a perfect military appearance.

In front of her were three suspended display screens. One of them continuously switched between various angles of the fleet, and another was the surrounding terrain and the fleet’s itinerary. The third continuously sent out information, and this was all information that she as a general should be aware of.

Persephone’s eyes closed slightly. Her refined and beautiful appearance revealed a bit of fatigue. The mission this time was a hard battle. Her opponent was exceedingly cunning and troublesome, to the point where two of Persephone’s exclusive guards died at the start of the battle. What left her the most annoyed was that only after chasing for three days and three nights for several hundred kilometers through the mountains and ridges did she complete the mission.

Even with Persephone’s persistence and strength, after completing this mission, she still couldn’t help but feel a deep fatigue. Right now, she just wanted to return to the inside of Dragon City and get some good rest, even though there was still a lot of work that was bound to cause her headaches for her to deal with. However, there were still a few things to look forward to within Dragon City, for example, messing with that handsome Su.

A small display screen appeared by her right hand armrest. A row of numbers appeared on its surface, and they were summarized into a bright and clear number. This was the number that represented Su’s expenses, as well as the amount of debt he owed. When Su completed the training course, this number should break through six digits.

When she looked at this long bill, Persephone’s mood immediately became joyous. She then began to think deeply. Should she play around a bit with her authority after Su finishes the training course so that he can’t accept any missions with particularly high rewards? Of course, in her heart, she clearly believed that this was what was good for him, because the higher the reward of the missions, the greater the risk. In addition, Persephone, with her own stubbornness, believed that the high debt would protect her relationship with Su.

The next thing on Persephone’s itinerary was to press for the payment of debt. She believed that this process would definitely be full of joy. After all, even in the olden era, there were countless instances of using one’s body to repay debt!

A faint smile appeared at the corners of Persephone’s lips, her cheerful mood didn’t persist for a long time before her face was once again covered in a layer of frost.

Just as they were about to enter Dragon City, the fleet slowly came to a stop. At the center of the road rested a wheel type armored off-road vehicle with a black insignia on top of it. At both sides of the road rested more than ten fully armed armored vehicles, and the large caliber machine cannon’s power was not something that the anti-aircraft machine guns on Persephone’s fleet could compare to.

At the center of the road, the armored vehicle with the black insignia was particularly eye-catching. At both sides the vehicle similarly bore the design of a dark golden shield. At the roof of the vehicle was a weapon that was almost a bit impractically large. It was actually a light tank cannon.

In front of the armored car stood a male that was thirty or so years old. He was like an unsheathed blade as he stood perfectly straight in the middle of the road. A pair of hawk like eyes stared fixedly at Persephone’s vehicles. This man wasn’t particularly handsome. His skin was a dark wheat color, as if it was bathed in sunlight all day long. However, his body emitted a chilliness that belonged only to those who had experienced countless battles.

Persephone walked down from the off-road vehicle and walked until she reached ten meters in front of the man before stopping. The two Black Dragonrider generals faced each other, the two completely different from each other! The armored vehicle with exaggerated firepower and Persephone’s delicate-looking off-road vehicle created a stark contrast. Persephone was like a sharp saber, while this man was like a ferocious military knife.

“General Rudolph, it seems like you went out of the way to welcome me.” Persephone removed her glasses and placed them into her shirt pocket.

“There was no choice.” Rudolph removed his gloves and placed them into his trousers’ pockets before speaking. “No other suitable person was found, so only I could come. There is no need for misunderstanding. This can be considered a private type of welcome ceremony.”

“Then what have you prepared to welcome me with? Or should I say, how far are you going to go for this welcome?” Persephone smiled coldly. A pencil had appeared from unknowingly where, and it began to twirl like a windmill between her five fingers.

Rudolph tightly clenched his left fist, and the muscles on the back of his hand seemed to split open a bit strangely, revealing a blood red gemstone the size of a pigeon egg. He calmly faced Persephone, as if standing in front of him was a normal woman and not a powerful opponent.

“This welcome is extremely simple. It has been two whole years since we’ve met after all, so let’s chat about a few things right here. If you can wait until dawn before returning to Dragon City, then you can consider myself owing you a great favor,” Rudolph calmly said. The gemstone on the back of his left hand flashed between bright and dark and flickered with a bizarre red light.

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