Demon Hunter

Book 6 Chapter 39.4

Book 6 Chapter 39.4 - Silent

The continent’s west sea shore had an expanse of precipitous rocks. Today, the winds were powerful, great waves beating against the shore again and again, releasing thunderous noise, sending black sprays more than ten meters into the air. There was a dark thing that flew out from the tip of the wave, hanging from the sharp rocky cliff.

That dark lump wriggled about, climbing onto the cliff, and only then could one see that this was actually a half bald skinny and shriveled old man. However, only part of his upper body remained, two arms also badly damaged, almost impossible to tell that they were arms. He climbed to the top of the cliff, breathed heavily for a bit, and only then did he raise his head and look towards the sky.

The clouds of radiation were currently scattering, Starship Valhalla’s body making its way out from the depths of the clouds, stopping above the crippled elder. Fitzdurk’s voice sounded from above, saying, “Inheritor, are you finally willing to appear now? From your current appearance, you ought to have just reawakened after being eliminated by someone. I am quite curious what kind of existence from this planet can harm our inheritor. After all, not even we could find you!”

The elder supported his ruined upper body with both of his hands. He looked towards the starship high up above, and then with an easygoing chuckle, said, “Fitzdurk, seems like the quality of the will of the world you produced this time isn’t all that. Since this planet is the prison that entraps us, then it isn’t strange at all for some life form that can threaten us to exist here. What I can tell you right now is that it isn’t the Spider Empress. As for why you all could find this place, I believe you should understand clearly that it was me who summoned you all over, or else you all still wouldn’t know where I am. Alright, what needs to be said has already been said, you can make your own decision. Leave, cooperate, or perhaps just wipe me out once more?”

Only after remaining silent for a moment, did Fitzdurk’s voice transmit from the starship above, clearly carrying great anger. “Good, good, Rochester, you are still just as intelligent as before, moreover have your own ‘opinions’! However, we’ve already cooperated countless times before, this time obviously no exception. Moreover, you clearly know that we already don’t have time, nor do we have any choice, isn’t that so?”

Valhalla’s ship belly opened up, releasing a pulling light beam, bringing Rochester’s ruined body into the starship, and then flinging it into a narrow independent room. 

Rochester gave his surroundings a look, and then laughed unenthusiastically, saying, “Turns out the quality of your will of the world isn’t only not all that, it is simply utterly terrible. Right now, I need two-thirds of the spatial furnace’s energy output for the next twenty-four hours.”

“Two-thirds? You ought to understand our current situation…” Fitzdurk’s ice-cold voice transmitted from all directions. 

However, Rochester cut him off. “Our current situation is that we don’t have time. We cannot let our enemy completely grow up. On this planet, there is not only the Spider Empress and perfect biological experimental subject Su, there is a sixth apostle, the creator!”

“Creator? He really is here as well?” Fitzdurk released a cry of alarm, his voice full of disbelief, but immediately afterwards, he recalled something, asking, “Could it be that Su isn’t the creator?”

“Of course not! Su is something I personally created back then, representing the olden era human races’ craziest and boldest move, as well as the most flawless ideal. It is really hard to imagine that at that time, the primitive human race already wanted to create a perfect life form, and they were just a bit off from succeding. What I did, was merely repair the final bit of defects, and then there was Su. What is ironic is that the human race who, in our eyes, is still in an extremely primitive state, almost created an ultra life form that could completely annihilate us.”

“Humans will be humans. Even though only a bit is missing, this bit might be ten years, and it might also be a hundred thousand years. We all understand clearly how great of a variable the so-called coincidence can be. That is why no matter how Su evolves, he still has no chance of being our enemy! I believe our true enemy should be the creator.” Fitzdurk said, his voice still carrying a bit of arrogance. However, speaking was one thing, there was still a massive amount of energy pouring towards Rochester’s room, over half of the spatial furnace’s energy output transferred over for Rochester to absorb. There might be disagreement between Fitzdurk and Rochester, but right now, having another companion was an extremely crucial thing. This was especially the case under Madeline’s current unpredictable state.

Rochester had long foresaw this result. He calmly absorbed the energy, his body quickly growing. Only after twenty-four hours did his body’s repair finish, the amount of energy exhausted enough to repair a small half of the ship. Just like Madeline, Rochester also chose the form of an ordinary human. A body that was too small would clearly restrict one’s command over their power, but he didn’t seem to mind this at all, and the reliance of magic abilities on body type was comparatively less anyway.

When his body’s repair was completed, Rochester resumed the topic, saying, “Su is also our true enemy, my last body was destroyed precisely by him. Otherwise, there is no way you would have found me here.” 

The conversation had already been broken off for twenty-four hours, but for apostles, a day’s time felt about the same as the blink of an eye.

“Just a creation of the primitive human race…” Fitzdurk clearly didn’t believe this. Moreover, not too long ago, Su was almost killed by Serendela. If it was Su who destroyed Rochester’s first body, it didn’t mean that Su’s combat strength was too great, but rather that Rochester was too weak.

Rochester sighed, and then said, “Fitzdurk, your will of this world really is stupid to and low to an incredible level. If it wasn’t because I still needed you to operate Valhalla, I really would want to wipe you out right now.”

The data bands in the air became chaotic, displaying that Fitzdurk was extremely angry. However, he forcefully endured his rage, instead calming down and asking, “Inheritor, you should have been the one to have reawakened first among us, so why was there no news of you for all these years? Me and Serendela both had to awaken ourselves. With your abilities, finding us should have been extremely easy, even in this environment.”

Rochester laughed, and then said, “Even you know that this is a special environment? Not awakening you all was precisely because I knew that the wills of the world you all developed in this type of environment would be extremely annoying. The ones I am talking about, are you, and Serendela, I know that she also recovered. The other reason why I didn’t seek you all out, is because I unexpectedly discovered the sixth apostle, creator. I needed to keep it in check, so I didn’t have time to worry about whether the two of you would awaken at all. Otherwise, once the creator woke up and grew up, I presume you all wouldn’t wish to face his biological weapon army.”

Fitzdurk asked with some hesitation, “Is there really a creator?”

“I didn’t believe it either before, but when I saw its genetic sample in the olden era federation’s laboratory, I immediately knew that the creator truly exists. It is even harder to wipe out than us, or in other words, practically impossible to completely erase. Its essence exists in some type of purely spiritual form, able to attach itself to any matter that could form life, which was why for the longest time, I was trying to control its growth process. However, its instincts are extremely strong, and even when in a stage where it hadn’t developed intelligence yet, it could still detect danger, and from this destroy itself and choose a new place of birth. Meanwhile, what I did was continuously give it opportunities to be reborn in order to restrict its rebirth locations within my laboratory, because as long as there was a single young body, no new creators would appear anywhere else. However, unfortunately, in the end, it still escaped my control, and now, I have no idea where it went either.”

Rochester sighed, Fitzdurk also remaining silent. Only after some time did Fitzdurk slowly say, “The sixth apostle, did he truly come to destroy us? Its origins seem to be sealed in the past memories, but why are our memories sealed? Inheritor, you should know the reason, right?”

“My memories are similarly sealed, even though the restrictions seemed to have been set by me. That is why I don’t know the reasoning behind the sealing either, only knowing that when all of our companions are found, en, which is just after we find the brain, only then can the sealed memories be unlocked. Also, the other thing that I remember is that opening the sealed memories would bring great danger, to the extent where it might lead to our eternal destruction. That is why you all need to make the choice as to whether or not you will open up the memories.”

Rochester’s words made Fitzdurk become silent, this was a difficult choice. He knew that what Rochester said was correct, because whenever he wanted to make contact with the sealed memories, his mind would always immediately be on the verge of collapse from the fear that attacked him. Meanwhile, the location where the memories were covered in dust seemed to be in a special space of nothingness, that place full of chaotic energy streams, extremely dangerous for spiritual bodies. Serendela was also hesitating, when asked to choose between the torment of fear or the risk of danger, it really was hard to make a decision.

Right at this time, Madeline’s ice-cold voice sounded in the three apostles’ consciousness. 

“I want to open the seal.”

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