Chronicles of Primordial Wars

Chapter 269

After that day, Shao Xuan did not use the expensive ropes provided by Guize; it was too wasteful. Instead, he practiced the knots on grass ropes. Although they were rough, it didn’t hurt his hands after he tore it apart. Also, if the knot couldn’t be undone, it could also be used as firewood.

For five days, in addition to patrolling and hunting, Shao Xuan used the ropes to tie knots.

As a result, many of the failed grass ropes were used as firewood.

Lao Ke did not quite understand why Shao Xuan was so obsessed with playing with the grass rope, but since Shao Xuan insisted, he did not say anything.

After failing again, Shao Xuan was somewhat discouraged. He slammed the grass ropes to the ground and threw them aside, before picking up the water-filled gourd and pouring a few mouthfuls down his throat.

After taking a long break, Shao Xuan ran to Wu’s stone house and said that he was having trouble tying the knot

“I just feel that I am not doing this right. My hand somehow gets tied into the knot every time.”

Wu was silent for a long while.

Then he said, “If this is the case, it is better not to think about the knot, but to be free. Don’t be obsessed with imitating the movements of the hands; you can try to make the knot your own way.”

Shao Xuan had thought about it too. It was in his own mind, even though he couldn’t figure it out. He would try it later.

“You should learn to empty your mind.”

It has been said that people who are empty-minded are actually very smart, because they can always do things that others can’t do. [EN: Something akin to the flow mind method?]

Enlightenment of that inheritance is not something you can achieve overnight.

“I know.” Shao Xuan said.

Wu nodded with satisfaction and prepared to say something, but Shao Xuan cut him off. “After two days, I plan to go to the forest and take ago on a trip. It may be a bit far, and it might take three to five days to come back. I’ve found a nice stone over there that I want to check it out.”

Wu’s heart twitched. “By yourself?”

After Shao Xuan said that he wanted to go out and that he wouldn’t come back for three to five days, Wu seemed to be worried.

If it was someone else, Wu wouldn’t have cared, but it was Shao Xuan that was leaving. Wu was hesitant, but still nodded.

“Alright. You must be careful; don’t make any rash decisions!” Wu said.

“I know, you can rest assured.” Shao Xuan promised.

Two days later, Shao Xuan took the polished stoneware, some food, and left the tribe.

After flying away from the tribe for a day, Shao Xuan walked directly between the forests. The guards usually searched the skies for suspicious birds. Shao Xuan did not want to be labelled as someone suspicious.

The surrounding environment felt sinister. With many years of hunting experience,, he had stronger instincts than most people.

Shao Xuan could sense negative emotions that were directed towards him, and within a certain range, he could also detect danger.

The forest was very wet and very foggy. Here, it seemed like even a small beast was dangerous.

Shao Xuan walked into another forest. The tall, dense branches obstructed the light above, giving the whole place a rather gloomy atmosphere..

Shao Xuan noticed a beast not far ahead.

It hid behind the thick grass between the trees, staring at Shao Xuan with wild eyes.

The beasts that Shao Xuan usually hunted would run away after seeing the hunting team because they knew that the hunters were going to kill them.

However, in this strange forest, the beasts did not know human beings.

They were wary of any strange things, and they thought of humans as prey. Not only would they not run away, but they would also attack.

Accompanied by low howling, the figure that leapt from behind the grass declared the first strike.

The low-lying beast violently attacked Shao Xuan, but Shao Xuan’s blade cut deep into the beast’s flesh. Blood came splashing out of the beast’s body, which fell to the ground, lifeless.

Shao Xuan took ten steps backwards. Several small beasts came rushing out, not towards Shao Xuan, but to the body of the beast that had been cleaved in two, screaming for food. However, it wouldn’t take long for the pungent smell of blood to spread out. There would soon be other beasts coming over, driving away the smaller beasts and claiming the corpses.

Having flown and walked for an entire day, Shao Xuan looked at the sky. The sun was already hidden behind the mountains; he needed to find a place to rest.

He fought a fierce beast with a pointed claw over a hole in the cliff, and drove the beast out of the cave.

There were many animal bones in the cave, with a rotten smell, and many large and small bugs crawling up and down. Shao Xuan burned a torch and expelled the insects. As for the animal bones, they were all smashed. There were holes inside the bones.

Shao Xuan took out of the animal skin and used the skin as a paper. He drew a picture of the surrounding environment. This time, in addition to looking for the stone, he would also map the place he passed into onto some animal skin so that his hunting team could explore this place.

Shao Xuan extinguished the fire and took time to rest.

When Shao Xuan woke up the next day, the sky outside was a bit gloomy. Standing in the hole and looking out, the forest below was covered in fog

“It seems to be raining.” Shao Xuan said.

Shao Xuan didn’t like rain very much, so he planned to stay in the hole and wait until the weather is fine before going out.

The little animal meat that was cooked yesterday was eaten for breakfast. The meat of the beast had become cold and hard. Shao Xuan didn’t care. He ate while watching the sky outside.

“I don’t know when this rain will calm down.” Shao Xuan said to himself, going to the cave to get himself out of the rain. The wind here was very violent


Sitting in the hole, Shao Xuan saw the rope tied to the waist. He hadn’t touched the rope for two days. He took out the rope, now that he didn’t have anything to do. Having taken it out of the animal bag and cutting it with a knife, he started playing with it in his hands.

He was planning to tie the rope according to how he remembered it from his dream.But when he thought of Wu, he paused. ‘If I did what I was doing before, the result must be the same. I will get my hands tied up in the knot again.’ Shao xuan thought

Sighing heavily, Shao Xuan closed his eyes and put aside the memories of the hands. The rope just moved around aimlessly in his hands.

Gradually, Shao Xuan forgot about knots. He started thinking about when the rain would stop. It wasn’t the rainy season yet the sky was still gloomy and rainy.

While his thoughts were wandering, Shao Xuan’s hands seemed to move on its own. The rope around his hand was circling between his fingers. However, something was different. The way he knotted the rope was different. The feeling that Shao Xuan felt was not so chaotic, it seems to have a strong purpose.

This time, Shao Xuan did not get distracted but was concentrated and paid attention to the knot movement on his hands. And Shao Xuan’s hands are also unconsciously following the action, exactly the same as the action of the hands in his mind!

When Shao Xuan broke away from that state, he opened his eyes and looked at his own hands. He was shocked to find that the rope on his hand had already got several knots on it instead of sticking his fingers.

was it successful?

Or was it still a failure?

Shao Xuan speculated what the meaning of these ropes and knots were. Just now, what was he thinking when tying these ropes?

‘Hunting? No, no.

Stone? No.

Rain? Yes, it was rain!’

At this point, Shao Xuan was getting excited. He needed to verify what these knots meant.

Looking at the sky outside, Shao Xuan stood up, walked to the edge of the hole, took a deep breath, feeling the damp and cold water vapor in the air, clenching his fist, and reaching out.

counting the time in his heart.


The fist was open and the little finger extended.


The ring finger extended.


The middle finger extended.


The index finger stood out.


The thumb is extended and his palm was now open.


A soft sound of a liquid landed on his hand.

The palm felt slightly cool.

Then bird poop landed at the center of his palm.

Shao Xuan was going to wipe the poop off his hand with something. Just as he was about to take back his hand, another drop of poop landed on his hands.

Followed by a second drop, a third drop, and a fourth drop…

Dense water droplets landed on the floor.

The woods under the mountain were blocked by trees. The dense raindrops hit the leaves of the trees and there was the sound of something coming from below.

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