Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 1675 - Visitors

Chapter 1675: Visitors

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It was a sunny day. Lying on the wildflowers which covered the field, Zhang Tie was biting a grass stalk and appeared to have fallen asleep, eyes closed, hands under his head, in the enchanting breeze.

Above Zhang Tie’s head, there was a huge green umbrella of a dragon-pattern tree which was higher than 20 m. It could rightly serve as a shelter for Zhang Tie. Only broken sunlight penetrated through the gap between swaying tree leaves and cast onto Zhang Tie like silver pieces. It felt warm, pleasant yet dark.

This hillside which was covered with red, pink, purple and white wildflowers was pretty vast. Looking into far, it was all a sea of blossoms within 10 miles. Nobody could be seen here. Besides happy bees flying among flowers, Zhang Tie could also smell the fragrance of flowers facing the breeze every once a while. In addition, Zhang Tie could hear the “rustles” of leaves of the dragon-pattern tree above his head rocking in the breeze.

Behind the hillside, there was a snow-white mountain enshrouded by cloudy fog in the distance. Zhang Tie’s place was tranquil because it was an air-borne mountain called Cloud-floating Mountain over 150 miles away from Heavenly Square City.

It was really an immortal feeling by having a nap at such an air-borne place at noon.

Today was March 12, the 3584th year of Calendar of Emperor NvWa in Motian Realm; it was almost one week after the weird explosion outside Heavenly Square City.

Superficially, Zhang Tie had fallen asleep under the crown on the blossoms; in fact, he was attempting to release the two bizarre energies that caused the “natural disaster” outside Heavenly Square City a few days ago in a more controllable manner so as to apply this skill in real combats…

The pattern of release of the two energies that day was too terrifying. As long as he released them, he would lose control of them. Additionally, it took him too long to gather the two energies. The two problems determined that he would be greatly limited to the application of that power in fighting powerhouses. He could use that pattern of release to deal with still objects such as cities or fortresses; he could even raid some unprepared powerhouses in a long distance. However, it was inconvenient for him to deal with real powerhouses; especially those above heavenly knights.

Therefore, if he wanted to turn the two energies completely into a strength at his will for real, he had to tackle the above two problems. In this process, he needed to explore the many things slowly alone. Similarly, things and experiments in the lab had to go through optimizations and meet realistic demands before turning into products on assembly lines in the factory.

Therefore, as Zhang Tie accepted the task, he was pondering and trying to turn the two energies into his own fatal strike.

This task might be important for others in the immortal palace, which made all the others intense; however, it rightly spared a chance for Zhang Tie to be “indolent”. No matter what, Zhang Tie knew every detail of the “natural disaster”. Head Huang mainly wanted him to watch out the situation outside the city; as long as he didn’t make trouble, it would be nothing serious outside there.

After nearly one week’s training, Zhang Tie’s powerful spiritual energy had been able to gather the two energies in an efficiency two times higher than before. Additionally, he further learned about the feature of the two energies. Although Zhang Tie still couldn’t make it fast, he had already touched the slimmer light of success.

At this moment, Zhang Tie was trying to press the two bizarre energies. He used his spiritual energy to shape an invisible, empty ball in the void. The ball was divided into two halves, up and down. There was a “hole” on the top of each hemisphere, which could enable Zhang Tie to constantly “foist” the two bizarre energies into the two hemispheres respectively for “storage”.

As long as Zhang Tie was ready to launch a strike, he could fire the ball of two hemispheres towards his target. When the ball was close to the target or hit the target, Zhang Tie “withdrew” the spiritual partition from the middle of the ball, causing the two energies to integrate and annihilate with each other along with the same terrifying disaster that he made the other day.

He didn’t need too much spiritual energy to capture the two energies. However, it would consume him a lot of spiritual energy to maintain the stability and balance of the two energies in the spiritual ball. Zhang Tie had tried many times these days. Given his current level of spiritual energy, it would be very hard for him to maintain an “energy ball” as powerful as that last time in the void for over 2 hours.

Whereas, if the quantity of the two energies in the “energy ball” was reduced, he would be able to maintain the “energy ball” a bit longer. Accordingly, the destructive power of the energy ball would decrease too.

However, as for Zhang Tie, if such a skill couldn’t match his kinetic strike in destructive power, it would not be meaningless. Therefore, in Zhang Tie’s opinion, the more powerful the wholly-new skill was, the better it would be. Additionally, it should be as convenient and perfect as how he applied his battle qi.

Zhang Tie was doing muti-tasks at the same time. He captured the two energies from the void, checked through the consumption of that energy ball about his spiritual energy, adjusted the relation between the largest “pressure” that he could exert on the two energies and the capacity of the two energies of his ball and paid attention to the stability of the spiritual partition under different “pressure”…

It was absolutely like how pharmacists did experiments in the lab. He always honed his powerful battle skills step by step in this way. At this moment, Zhang Tie even started to admire those who had experts and secret methods to refer to. By contrast, he didn’t borrow and learn from anyone in spiritual cultivation and sharpening battle skills; instead, he could only explore them bit by bit himself. ‘King Roc Sutra’ and skills of divine dominator…

Whenever Zhang Tie hit this point, he would think in a self-deprecating way, ‘This is my fate…’

When Zhang Tie was pondering about manipulating the two bizarre energies in the void, he suddenly found that someone was flying over here. Even though his eyes were closed, Zhang Tie could still clearly “see” Ji Yuelan flying towards this air-borne mountain. Only after a short while, she had been within 25 miles and entered Zhang Tie’s spiritual cordon.

In a white skirt and a simplified flight suit——a breast armor with wings. With this simplified version, although her safety was weakened, she could move flexibly and conveniently in the sky. Therefore, many immortal generals favored this simplified suit the most.

When a woman, especially a beautiful woman flew in the sky in this suit, by extending the huge bird wings, she would look like a legendary angel that Zhang Tie heard of in subcontinent in the former world.

Ji Yuelan was not an angel; however, the scene that Ji Yuelan flew in the sky in wings made her a beautiful angel. Therefore, Zhang Tie appreciated her for quite a while.

Ji Yuelan appeared to have a clear target as she flew straight towards this hillside. As a result, Zhang Tie instantly understood her intention. He then only kept the spiritual partition between the two hemispheres of the energy ball. After losing his spiritual constraint and control, the two energies escaped away within 0.001 seconds and disappeared in the air. Before reaching Zhang Tie’s level spiritually, people could not sense the two energies at all; therefore, Zhang Tie didn’t worry about exposing his secret.

As was imagined, after hovering above this hillside for a short while, Ji Yuelan had noticed Zhang Tie who was falling asleep in the wild blossoms under the dragon-pattern tree, snoring heavily. Closely after that, Ji Yuelan descended under the same tree like an angel with a fresh breeze.

After hiding her wings, Ji Yuelan came to Zhang Tie’s side with a smile as she picked a purple flower and swept it over Zhang Tie’s face repetitively.

Zhang Tie finally couldn’t pretend it anymore as he opened his eyes and looked straight into Ji Yuelan’s eyes.

“Huh, the others are dying of tiredness; whereas, our deputy head is sleeping here. I’m going to accuse of your dereliction of duty to the head…” Ji Yuelan “sneered” threateningly.

“Ahem…ahem…” Zhang Tie took off his grass stalk as he replied with a solemn look, “Inspector Ji, it’s not that serious. As you see, this place is high and hidden; it’s suitable for me to observe whether there’s someone lurking outside the city. How can you say that I’m sleeping here?”

“If you’re waiting for suspects, why do you lie down here?” Ji Yuelan continued to ask with a sneer.

“Those who could pose a threat to Heavenly Square City must be high-profile powerhouses. Therefore, I just lay down here for the sake of observation!” Zhang Tie continued to explain with a serious look.

“Why did you close your eyes then?”

“I just pretended to fall asleep; when I was sensing it spiritually in case of exposing myself…”

“Why did you open your eyes now?”

“A fairy descended. Such a beauty could even dwarf many fresh blossoms over the hillside. If not take a good look at her, I would suffer a great loss…” Zhang Tie answered as he made a face.

“You’re so flirtatious. You only know how to take advantage of me…” Ji Yuelan finally broke into laughter as she pinched Zhang Tie’s arm once forcefully.

“Ayo…” Zhang Tie accented his scream in a pretty enjoyable way.

“Stop! Look at you. Even if you were stabbed by a machete, there would be no wound on you. You could never scream so loudly after being pinched by me. The others, if see it, would think, would think…” Ji Yuelan paused…

“Think what?” Zhang Tie asked with a smile.

“Think that I’m gonna eat you!” After saying that, Ji Yuelan blushed all of a sudden.

“If Inspector Ji wants to eat me, I would not oppose!”

“For real?”

“For real. Besides, I would wash myself well for the sake of your convenience!” Zhang Tie joked again with a solemn look.


“You don’t believe that?”

“Unless you close your eyes!” Ji Yuelan said as she watched Zhang Tie with sparkling eyes.

Zhang Tie then closed his eyes. However, closely after that, he sniffed a fragrance while scented and sweety petal-like lips fell onto his lips and kissed him once, then once again, then the third time. After that, the two lips were glued to each other.

“Ahh…” Ji Yuelan groaned as Zhang Tie hugged her and put her under his body. Face to face, their nose tips almost touched each other as their qi reached the other’s face.

Face flushed, eyes watery, panting heavily and exhaling as fragrant as orchid, Ji Yuelan was nearing the climax as her breasts kept rising and falling,

After looking at Ji Yuelan for a while, Zhang Tie gradually revealed a smile, “Inspector Ji, is that how you eat me? But I don’t feel any pain at all. It appears that Inspector Ji didn’t eat people before. As the deputy head, I should give you a good lesson!”

Being silent and eyes closed, Ji Yuelan dared not look into Zhang Tie’s eyes. Face turning red, breasts rising and falling more heavily, she was waiting for Zhang Tie’s favor.

“When you eat something, you couldn’t eat it alive; nor could you eat its fur and drink its blood. You should do it step by step. It depends…” Zhang Tie said as he put one hand onto her breast armor and unbuttoned the first metal button.

With a click, Ji Yuelan felt warm all over as she groaned out of satisfaction through her nostrils unconsciously.

Three seconds later, the second click sounded…

After that, Zhang Tie stopped!

Ji Yuelan waited for a few minutes. When the flame in her heart was going to die out, Ji Yuelan gritted her teeth as she opened her eyes at a stroke.

However, Zhang Tie was not watching her; but looking into the distance. Along Zhang Tie’s eyes, Ji Yuelan was also shocked.

A large team of airboats with the banner of an immortal palace almost arrived at Heavenly Square City, making it dark over the sky.

Zhang Tie turned around as he blinked his eyes towards Ji Yuelan and buttoned up her breast armor for her, saying, “It seems that head is going to call us back. I will continue to discuss this topic with Inspector Ji someday…”

Ji Yuelan was irritated as she pinched Zhang Tie’s arm once fiercely. Zhang Tie screamed miserably before bursting into laughter. Before Ji Yuelan pinched him for the second time, he had jumped off her body, onto a high twig covered with dense tree leaves and took off his flight suit. After putting it on quickly, he then flew towards Heavenly Square City, followed by Ji Yuelan.

Right then, their jade plates rocked which meant that Head Huang was calling for them…

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