Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 1149: Hard Work Paying Off

Chapter 1149: Hard Work Paying Off

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How did the last trouble-reappearance fruit taste?

In the trouble-reappearance situation, before Zhang Tie tasted the last trouble-reappearance fruit carefully, the LV 9 demon fighter had already rushed towards him with bloody eyes.

Like how he did in former times, Zhang Tie shot out a battle qi by finger and blew up the demon fighter’s legs in a split second, sending its blood and flesh flying in all directions. As a result, his room was contaminated and was filled with a bloody smell.

When the demon fighter fell onto the ground and roared miserably, Zhang Tie leisurely opened his room and went downstairs frankly. After coming to the parlor, he took a treasured sword from a wall before leaving the house.

When Zhang Tie left the house, the LV 9 demon fighter who had lost its legs was still inching towards Zhang Tie by hands with bloody eyes while roaring miserably and gritting its teeth.

It was still windy in the deep night in the manor. Besides that persistent demon knight’s miserable roars, it was quiet in the surroundings as before. This Xuanyuan Hill belonged to Zhang Tie himself.

What he saw was almost as same as that in the former 4 times. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn’t expect that the last trouble-reappearance fruit could bring him any achievement. Zhang Tie had seen through it. If it was the same result as before, he had to use the directest method tomorrow. After all, as long as he could uproot Han Clan’s power from Xuanyuan Hill, he would be the winner. Even though he used the directest method, he would not lose a hair.

Although the sword in his hand was for an appreciative purpose, nothing in the Lord Guangnan’s Manor in Xuanyuan Hill was common.

This was a two-handed huge sword, which was 177 cm in length, 112 kg in weight and 15 cm in width. Being affected by LV 3 sharpness rune and firmness rune, it also had the splitting and freezing effects. This sword was definitely a competitive rune weapon, even for knights.

Zhang Tie dropped off the sword while the sword suspended in front of him. Closely after that, Zhang Tie jumped onto the sword. Stepping on the broad sword’s body as if stepping on a skating board or a surfing board, he flew off the manor into the sky above Xuanyuan Hill. Almost in a split second, a jarring sonic boom that rocked the entire Xuanyuan Hill sounded above this city where there was only one person…

If someone in Xuanyuan Hill saw Zhang Tie’s movement at this moment, they would definitely bow towards him out of worship as they would treat Zhang Tie as a sage-level knight or a legendary immortal.

Over 1,000 m high in the sky, Zhang Tie stood leisurely on a huge sword. The sword broke 3 times that of the sound speed in the blink of an eye as fast as a lightning bolt, arousing constantly shrill sonic booms. Zhang Tie was standing on the huge sword as steady as Mount Tai with hands on his back leisurely, his clothes were swaying in the wind as if he was a poet strolling in a tranquil courtyard while looking up at the moons and thinking about poetry…

These days, Zhang Tie had been folding his wings and lowering his body so as to give a fatal blow to Han Clan at any time. After enjoying with Bai Suxian in the daytime, Zhang Tie would train his flight ability as a divine dominator in the trouble-reappearance situation.

Like a thin window, the flight ability as a divine dominator was soon grasped by Zhang Tie; additionally, Zhang Tie concluded some flight skills.

This flight mode by stepping on a huge sword was the most pleasant and stylish way for a divine dominator. The benefit of this flight mode was that he could maintain a demeanor of an immortal. This flight mode was most destructive for commons. Its shortcoming was that Zhang Tie would have a great resistance when facing the wind and couldn’t reach the maximal flight speed of divine dominator.

The second flight mode was the most secret flight mode. This flight mode required a pair of caligas with steel-plate soles or alloy materials, a metal waistband and two metal wristlets. In flight, he should control the caligas, metal waistband and metal wristlets at the same time for the optimal flight effect. Without the three types of equipment, he could also fly; however, it would not feel as comfortable and flexible as that with the three types of equipment.

As the three equipments were usually worn by people, they would not arise people’s suspicion; this flight mode was most mysterious. He could use the three props to accelerate his speed at any time using the ability of divine dominator when in normal flight condition.

The third flight mode had the highest efficiency. He wore a full-body metal armor which even covered his eyes. He manipulated this full-body metal battle armor using the ability of divine dominator. In this flight mode, with the protection of metal battle armor, Zhang Tie could easily reach the maximal flight speed using his ability as a divine dominator without even releasing his protective battle qi.

What was the maximal flight speed under the control of divine dominator?

Through numerous trials these days, Zhang Tie made a precise conclusion, based on his current spiritual energy level and knight’s level, he could at most reach 6 times that of the speed of sound, namely almost 4,700 miles per hour.

This discovery and experience stunned Zhang Tie for quite a while.

A few days ago, he was still thinking about breaking through the speed of sound using knights’ flight ability. However, a few days later, he had already broken through the sonic barrier using the ability of divine dominator and reached the flight speed of hypersonic aircraft before the Catastrophe.

With the ability of divine dominator, he could reach 6 times that of the speed of sound. When he attacked with weapons alone using the ability of divine dominator, Zhang Tie himself couldn’t identify how fast the weapons moved. It would be far greater than 6 times that of the speed of sound. It was as fast as his consciousness. As long as he caught sight of the target, his attack would arrive as if the speed had broken through the limit of the physical rule.

After studying the sharp difference between the flight speed using the ability of divine dominator and the attacking speed, Zhang Tie found that there might only be one reason, namely, the closer the objects under the control of divine dominator were to his body, the slower they would move. It seemed that there was an invisible line between those objects and his spiritual energy. If the objects were too close to his body, before they reached their maximal speed, they had been pulled back by that invisible line.

6 times that of the speed of sound, namely, about 5,000 miles per hour. Zhang Tie had been satisfied by such a great flight ability very much. Even though this speed might be the maximal manned speed of divine dominator, Zhang Tie was also satisfied with it.

Zhang Tie was not greedy. He had not even seen a person who could break through the speed of sound after he promoted to an earth knight. He could already break through 6 times that of the speed of sound now, of course, he was very satisfied with it. Zhang Tie didn’t know how fast a shadow knight could fly; however, he was sure that even a shadow knight could not reach 6 times that of the speed of sound in the sky.

This speed would bring him a great advantage that could never be matched by commoners. It would even be a wholly new combat pattern for him, a combat mode that only belonged to a divine dominator. The difference between this advantage and knights were like that between powerful horse archers and common infantries. The striking ability and maneuver speed of this flight mode were overwhelming.

3 times that of the speed of sound was almost equal to 0.55 mile per second.

The linear distance between Lord Guangnan’s Manor and Finance Minister’s Mansion in Xuanyuan Hill was almost 130 miles. As for Zhang Tie, such a distance only took him less than 4 minutes by flying on the huge sword and overlooking the entire Xuanyuan Hill.

Under the control of Zhang Tie, the huge sword dove downwards like a spiritual living being silently and suspended only one stage’s height above the floor outside the study near the lotus pond of the Finance Minister’s Mansion. Zhang Tie then landed on the ground leisurely.

The door of the study still closed. Zhang Tie pushed in. Closely after that, he threw a glance at the golden folder on the table as usual.

Actually, Zhang Tie didn’t think that he could see any hope in the golden folder anymore. He just accomplished today’s task like completing a rite.

Zhang Tie walked over there and unfolded the golden folder. An extremely plain and elegant invitation card was put on the top. This invitation card was utterly different than those invitation cards which especially pursued luxury and level; additionally, now that it could be put on the top, it indicated that it counted most in Han Zhengfang’s heart.

Zhang Tie picked up that plain and elegant invitation card and opened it out of curiosity…

There were only two short lines inside the invitation card.

——Between 5 pm to 7 pm on the 15th day of this lunar month, I invite Brother Han to have a drink in Sincerity Garden.

——Meng Shidao.

At the sight of that name, Zhang Tie narrowed his pupils. After a few seconds, he couldn’t stand bursting out laughing…

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