Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 535

Chapter 535 Exact Same Situation!

If he had been careful, Baili Hong Zhuang would not have disappeared from his sights.

Anything could happen in an ancient monument, end even some cruel and terrible things were not uncommon.

This time, he was panicked. He had already sworn a vow that he would never let such a thing happen again.

Seeing Di Bei Chen’s face, she looked at him a few moments more, before Baili Hong Zhuang finally put down her heart. She didn’t want Di Bei Chen to blame himself because of this incident.

Perhaps, the master of the monument had already thought of this and attempted to do such a thing when he designed that mechanism in the stone room. How could they have anticipated it since earlier?

“How were you in the stone room?”

Her dark, bright eyes revealed care, and Baili Hong Zhuang asked in a soft voice. When she was trapped in the stone room, she was very much worried about Di Bei Chen’s situation too.

When she saw Di Bei Chen, she had already given him a once over. Fortunately, nothing dangerous had happened to Di Bei Chen, and she was relieved.

“After the sudden appearance of the stone gate that separated you and me, I found that there was no more sound in the stone room, and even the voices of the two cultivators who had kept yelling outside the stone room’s door had disappeared.

“I thought that you were caught in a dangerous situation but after seeing that the stone room was quite, I felt a little relieved, but I had still not found a way to leave the stone toom. I could only absorb all of the Yuanli Gup in the room and finally find the Yuanli Guo with a key in it.”

Speaking of this, Di Bei Chen’s eyes suddenly brightened. “I found a box made of black iron in the stone room.”

“Was there a sword in the box?”

The more Baili Hong Zhuang heard Di Bei Chen talk, the more she was sure that his situation before had been exactly like hers.

The things in the stone room were split in two, and the sudden appearance of the stone gate was only to separate her from Di Bei Chen.

This must have been designated by the master of the ancient monument. Therefore, it was not that Di Bei Chen did not take care of her, but that the Master of the monument had already made up their mind to separate them.

Even if Di Bei Chen was right by her side, the Monument’s Master must have some other way to separate them.

When he heard Baili Hong Zhuang’s question, Di Bei Chen”s eyes flashed with a touch of surprise. He asked, “How do you know?”

Baili Hong Zhuang smiled, and the beautiful and enchanting smile bloomed on her delicate face, pleasing to the eyes. It was unforgettable.

“Because I encountered the exact same situation in the stone room as you.” Baili Hong Zhuang smiled lightly.

“The same?”

Di Bei Chen was stunned, and he couldn’t help but think of the box he had seen Baili Hong Zhuang take before he and she were separated.

“So, isn’t it…”

Baili Hong Zhuang smiled and nodded, “Yes, this should have been deliberately planned by the Monument’s Master. The things in the stone room were divided into two.”

After hearing this Di Bei Chen’s brow wrinkled, and his handsome face was full of thoughtfulness.

“So, why did the Lord want to do this?”

Seeing the current situation, the two of them had a big gain.

Even if other cultivators also have a lot of gains, there was still a big gap between their harvest.

Baili Hong Zhuang shrugged. “I don’t know, but I think that the Master of this Monument must have some deep thoughts, and we just haven’t found it yet.”

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