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Chapter 312 - He Said It Is Really Nice, He Likes It

Chapter 312: He Said It Is Really Nice, He Likes It

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Both Hede and the youngest tilted their heads looking at Gu Mengmeng, silently listening to her speak, not running or fooling around, only looking at her in a daze like they did not understand what she was talking about.

Patiently, Gu Mengmeng continued, “You guys and your father are the most important kin to me, I love you all a lot, so if you make your father angry, I will be very very upset. If I am very upset, I will cry. Do you want to see your mother cry?”

“Owh owh owh~” the four little ones shouted together, including the four who were being breastfed. Gu Mengmeng could not help but laugh at their antics.

She kissed each of them, “Good babies are ones that do not let their mother shed a tear.”

“Owh~ Owh owh~” the four young ones continued shouting.

Gu Mengmeng turned around to look at Elvis who translated, “They said, they would be good babies.”

Gu Mengmeng felt extremely heartened, so she hugged all four children in her arms and kissed them over and over.

The second and third oldest were basically full, so Gu Mengmeng hugged Hede and the youngest back in her arms while the second and third oldest went to play at the side. Lea had gone out to prepare food a long time ago, and it should not take long before food would be replenished for them.

The eldest leaned on Gu Mengmeng’s stomach, feeding quietly, but the youngest kept shouting while feeding, just that his voice was muffled and unclear.

Gu Mengmeng patted the youngest’s back, saying, “Don’t talk when you are eating, you might get choked.”

“Owh owh owh~” the youngest opened his mouth, shouting a few times at Elvis before he continued to being fed.

Elvis placed his leg rest under Gu Mengmeng’s neck so she could rest more comfortably, while using his tail to support her waist so she did not have to exert strength herself.

While massaging her arm, he translated, “He said he wanted a more powerful sounding name than Hede.”

Gu Mengmeng smacked her head, “Ah, forgot to name while I was busy educating them. Sorry, it’s mummy’s fault.”

The youngest was feeding so he could not reply to her as he remembered how she told him not to talk while eating, so he tolerated, only shaking his head to express his feelings. He believed she would understand.

In reality, his mother did not understand anything at all.

“Let me think, what should we name our youngest?” Gu Mengmeng said while caressing his back, thinking, “The youngest is the strongest one among the four children, one look and you can tell he represents the strength in the family. Kanwu… How about Kanwu? Kan means to use powers to ease controversial issues, and Kanwu means to use battle to cease battle. If we can dominate others by force, then using virtue to rule a country would certainly be best. However, if others cross the line, we are definitely not down to be bullied either. If they want a battle, we will fight, and use the battle to cease the battle. How about that? My little Kanwu?”

“Owh owh owh~” Kanwu used his two front claws to protect his food, taking his time “in the midst of his business” to acknowledge Gu Mengmeng.

Gu Mengmeng did not have to turn around before Elvis translated, “He said it is very nice, he likes it.”

Gu Mengmeng smiled with satisfaction, pointing at the head of the eldest, calling, “Hede.”

“Owh~” the eldest replied in a child-like tone.

Gu Mengmeng then patted the little butt of the youngest, calling, “Kanwu.”

“Owh~ owh~” the youngest twisted his tiny butt in an attention seeking manner, wagging his tail happily.

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