Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 796 - Ambush

Chapter 796: Ambush

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Ling Han quickly circulated the Indestructible Heaven Scroll. An ancient aura spread out slightly, immediately blocking and slowing down the corrosion.

His body was still being corroded, but the rate had slowed down more than tenfold. This was very astonishing. One had to understand that there was power of regulation in the waters of this lake of blood. Furthermore, it had been left behind by an alternative dragon that had reached twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier of battle prowess; even a Shattering Void Tier cultivator would not dare bathe in it for a long period of time.

Just take a look at that bone raft that was being corroded—so what if it had been made from the bones of a Shattering Void Tier cultivator? It would be damaged as well, though the rate of damage was considerably slower, and it could still carry passengers across the lake. Otherwise, with no means of flight in this place, aside from a monster like Ling Han, it would be practically impossible for anyone to reach the second floor.

Ling Han swam very quickly, and began to get closer and closer to that stalk of Dragon’s Blood Grass. The giant Bloodworm awoke all of a sudden due to the disturbance. It opened its round mouth, revealing a circle of sharp fangs, and exuded a terrifying ferociousness.

“Why are you acting so fierce? You think I’m scared of you?” Ling Han retorted with a laugh. He stretched out a hand and pointed. Immediately, the Ice Dragon flew out and floated towards the Bloodworm. Its dragon claws moved, appearing very majestic and mighty.

This Bloodworm could be called a Worm King; there were a few circular golden marks on its blood-red body, and it actually had a noble, majestic air as if it was about to evolve from a worm into a dragon. However, the opponent it faced was a real dragon!

The dragon and the snake engaged in a huge battle. The Bloodworm King was quite extraordinary as its battle prowess was definitely no lower than seven Stars. It actually battled the Ice Dragon to a stalemate, and could even be considered to be slightly gaining the upper hand.

So powerful; it really deserved to be named as the Worm King!

However, there were limits to the Worm King’s intelligence. It did not know that the Ice Dragon was formed by an Array. So what if it was beaten to death a hundred times? It could be revived a hundred times, and would still be as good as new. It merely concentrated on engaging in a fierce battle with the Ice Dragon as if it wanted to dominate over the latter, proving that it was the most powerful existence.

Ling Han’s intelligence naturally was not on the same level as the Worm King’s, and he wouldn’t dumbly wait for the battle’s conclusion. Instead, he immediately swam towards that four-leafed Dragon’s Blood Grass. He stretched out his hand and pulled it out before storing it away into the Black Tower.

Then, he started to flee.

There were no benefits to be earned from killing this Bloodworm, as there was nothing valuable on it at all. Moreover, he was unable to kill this Worm King, so what was the point of staying here any longer?

With his departure, the Array Technique left with him as well; the Ice Dragon could only move around about four miles thereabouts around the Array Technique. When the distance had exceeded this limit, the Ice Dragon would immediately disappear, and then reform in the Array.

The Bloodworm King flew into a great rage, and immediately chased after Ling Han. He actually dared to take away its treasured herb; this was intolerable!

Ling Han had no wish to continue the battle at all. Only when the Bloodworm King came near did he have the Ice Dragon parry its attacks, whereas he would be fleeing very quickly away. That Worm King was dumb too; when the Ice Dragon came out, it would shoot forth to attack as well without knowing at all that this was Ling Han’s delaying strategy.

In a short while, Ling Han floated onto the water’s surface, and saw that Helian Xun Xue had steered the bone raft onto the small island. He swam over quickly towards them.


The Bloodworm King shot out of the waters, creating a terrifying wave. Pa, pa, pa . As the lake waters passed through, there was a considerable number that had their heads and faces splashed, and they all released terrible cries. This bloody water had powerful corrosive property, and though slight contact would not be deadly, it would still cause them great suffering.

But when they saw such a big guy, everyone did not dare make a sound. They only knew that they had to row their rafts with their lives. Those in the distance that had not yet begun crossing the lake simply chose to stand by and watch, wanting to wait until everything was calm before descending down onto the lake.

Those in the water wanted to go ashore too, but there was only a single bone raft on everyone. If they turned back now, it would be wasted; how would they cross the lake again later?

In an instant, the lake’s surface was in complete chaos. Everyone was rushing with all their might, and naturally cursed the source of everything, Ling Han, to the depths of hell. This guy actually drew out such a terrifying creature.

Ling Han, meanwhile, got through the experience without mishap. Anyways, with the Ice Dragon covering for him, he soon climbed ashore with a smile, and said, “Success. Let’s retreat!”

“En!” Helian Xun Xue nodded.

That tower ahead was indeed built of bones. Its middle was empty, forming a tunnel that could reach the second floor. Ling Han, Helian Xun Xue, and Hu Niu entered the tunnel with a leap without any hesitation.

Losing its target all of a sudden naturally caused the Bloodworm King to be greatly enraged. It twisted and turned over in the lake like an evil dragon, making everyone complain ceaselessly. A great many were forced to slide backwards so as to temporarily avoid the flames of wrath of this Worm King.

When this Worm King’s rage had subsided, those few could squeeze together somehow onto a single raft so that their journey would not end here.

Xianyu Cai hurriedly leapt after them into the bone channel. She was stunned. Ling Han was really outrageously bold—he dared to trifle with even the Worm King. Even though she still hated Ling Han very much, she could not deny that no other would be able to do what he did.

The passage was very long. With a thought, Ling Han drew Helian Xun Xue and Hu Niu both into the Black Tower. Even he himself entered inside.

Xu Xiu Ran’s group came in here before them, and had seen him as well. Moreover, this tunnel was shockingly long, and who knew when it would suddenly end. If someone laid out an ambush at the end, then the chances of them falling into the trap were extremely high.

When coming into a place like this, one had to keep an extra eye out.

As Ling Han had deduced, on the second level of the Ghostly Dragon Cave, Xu Xiu Ran and his group were waiting cautiously. The moment they passed through, they immediately realized that this was the best spot for an ambush.

Although the five great geniuses were all qualified to fit in the ranks of rulers of the young generation on their own, and to have them join forces against someone of the same age range was practically an insult to them, Ling Han was too much of a monster. If he was given time and space to grow, he really could affect the ten-thousand-year-old scheme of the five great immortal sects.

Therefore, they had to erase this unstable factor as soon as possible.

They waited patiently. One, two, and three. Members of the Sea Race passed by successively. They made no move, and continued to lie in ambush.

Hu , Xianyu Cai appeared. She looked at the surroundings in surprise. It was because she was obviously one step behind Ling Han and the others, so how had she now lost track of the three of them? She shuffled her feet in confusion as she continued to look around her.

And inside the Black Tower, Ling Han could not help but sneer, and said, “Those five guys have indeed set up an ambush outside.”

“Then we can take the chance to kill them off!” Helian Xun Xue said coldly. She, too, was an unprecedented prodigy of the Sea Race, and had long since reached the Heaven Tier. If it was not for the fact that the Shattering Void Tier was a step too difficult to take, who knew, she might’ve already been standing at the apex of the human race.

“Good, let’s kill to our hearts’ content!” Hu Niu was even more excited. This was her favorite activity.

“All right. Let’s choose and kill one,” Ling Han said smilingly. Although Xu Xiu Ran and his group were waiting to ambush them, the tables were now turned, and Ling Han’s group were the ones hidden, whereas the five of them were out in the open. The ones waiting in ambush and the targets had instantly switched their roles.

Three against five. Even if Ling Han and the others could take advantage of a sudden assault, Xu Xiu Ran and his group were the rulers of the current young generation, and had an advantage in numbers. In battle prowess, they were definitely not weak, so if Ling Han was greedy, it was possible that he wouldn’t be able to kill even one.

Therefore, they’d focus all their power, and only kill one!

“Kill Jia Ming!”

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