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Chapter 34 - Dharmic Armament Moneybags

Chapter 34: Dharmic Armament Moneybags

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Wang Baole was very pleased having Liu Daobin in charge of the College Discipline Department. He also placed more time and effort on the second volume of the Qi Fostering Art. The second volume could only be obtained by people who could refine Spirit Stones at 80% purity or higher. It also described information regarding the other two main topics in the Dharmic Armament faculty.

They were respectively the study of Inscriptions and Spirit Kernels.

At that moment, Wang Baole was sitting cross-legged in his cave abode. As he ate his snacks, he was studying the second volume of the Qi Fostering Art. He was no longer uninformed about the Dharmic Armament faculty, unlike back when he had first arrived at the Dao College. After half a year of interactions, he had a very good understanding of the faculty.

He knew that the so-called Dharmic Armament faculty was about the refinement of Dharmic artifacts. And the refinement process had five steps. The first three steps could be learned in the Lower Academy Island. As for the final two steps, they could only be learned after being accepted into the Upper Academy Island.

“Spirit Stones, Inscriptions, Spirit Kernel, Material Refinement, Forging!” Wang Baole ruminated as he ate his snacks.

The second volume of the Qi Fostering Art introduced the different grades of Dharmic artifacts. The first and second grades were known as Dharmic artifacts. From the third to sixth grade, they were known as numinous treasures. At the seventh grade, they were considered Dharmic armaments.

In addition, armament marks were introduced. Only when an artifact became a third-grade numinous treasure would three natural marks appear, representing its grade.

The present Federation’s artifact refinement methods came from methods recorded on the gigantic sword fragments. Everything was based on the foundation of Spirit Stones. To refine a Dharmic artifact, the first step was to refine a Spirit Stone. Following that, one had to inscribe the Spirit Stone with inscriptions.

Different inscriptions would determine the differences between the usage and direction to which a Dharmic artifact could develop. Spirit Stones were the foundation, while Inscriptions were the skeleton. Their importance was so great that they were known as the core of Dharmic artifacts!

Every inscription had a unique effect. When inscriptions matched with one another, they would generate even more changes. To refine a Dharmic artifact, one had to make a robust foundation, and the more one was familiar with inscriptions, the easier it was to refine a Dharmic artifact in the future.

Therefore, the second volume of the Qi Fostering Art contained quite a lengthy record. It contained all sorts of inscriptions. Wang Baole made a rough estimate, and just the number of inscriptions recorded in the Qi Fostering Art’s second volume was no fewer than a hundred thousand.

This was not including the inscription dictionary handed out by the Inscriptions Hall. The number of inscriptions in that manual numbered as many as a million. If the inscriptions changed as a result of the matching interactions, one would have to memorize even more. It was not an exaggeration to describe it as a sea of information.

The Inscriptions Hall of the Dharmic Armament faculty’s three halls tested the students on their memorization of inscriptions. There was no trick to such memorization, and success depended on the individual. It was just too difficult to memorize and understand a million available inscriptions.

Even the present Inscriptions Hall’s Head Prefect could only memorize four hundred thousand inscriptions. As for more, not only did it need talent, it also needed perseverance and time.

Once someone became accomplished in inscriptions, they could mix and match the million fixed inscriptions to a certain extent to create brand new effects. However, such acts required a deep foundation. Only an artifact refinement master was capable of doing so.

As the memorization was too difficult, the Inscriptions Hall of Ethereal Dao College’s Dharmic Armament faculty only tested on the number of inscriptions one memorized, but in fact, as long as one memorized more than a hundred thousand inscriptions, one would pass it and be allowed to begin the study of Spirit Kernels.

After all, there were just too many inscriptions. It was completely impossible for the average person to memorize all of them. Therefore, there were inscription dictionaries that aided them. However, an inscription dictionary was still very different from a word dictionary. In addition, the refinement of artifacts typically had a strict requirement on time. There were also many variations. While the checking of an inscription dictionary needed time, there was also a need to understand and have a basic mastery of things. Therefore, although an inscription dictionary was useful, the aid given was not especially great.

After roughly studying the rest of the Qi Fostering Art’s second volume, Wang Baole took a deep breath. He knew deep down that, although he was currently the Spirit Stones Hall’s Head Prefect, he had only embarked on his first step into the subject of Dharmic Armaments.

I still need to continue working hard. Wang Baole picked up the inscription dictionary and casually flipped it open. When he saw the dense records and the sinuous inscription dictionary, he immediately felt a migraine coming on.

Moments later, he gritted his teeth and began memorizing.

However, such memorization was limited. For a million, even Wang Baole felt a deep sense of helplessness toward it despite his belief that he had a good memory. Although the inscription dictionary mentioned a few pills that could aid one’s memories, Wang Baole discovered on the Spirit Intranet that these pills were pretty much priceless. They were even rarer than the Cleansing Pill. To obtain any required a bit of luck.

In addition, although these pills were effective, they would ultimately result in drug resistance. If one ate too many, one could even hallucinate. Therefore, one could not solely rely on pills to memorize. Inevitably, people still had to rely on themselves. Wang Baole sighed, and as he searched for the pills, he bit the bullet and began memorizing bit by bit.

Time quickly passed, and soon, another week was over.

During this week, there were students that called on him nearly every day. They would deliver all sorts of gifts, but in response to these, Wang Baole would directly reject them. He was categorical about it since he had read the high officials’ autobiographies. He knew that accepting gifts so flagrantly was not right.

Apart from the visits and gifts from Dharmic Armament faculty students, the Head Prefects from the other faculties also successively sent congratulatory gifts. Although they were simple gifts, all of them left a voice transmission ring mark. Clearly, they intended to acquaint themselves with Wang Baole.

Wang Baole placed a great emphasis on these other faculty Head Prefects. He accepted their gifts because he knew the importance of a social circle. Hence, he sent them gifts in return, and although they had never met, they established ties in this way.

Another few days passed until Wang Baole, who was becoming groggy from memorizing the inscriptions, received a gift from the Alchemy faculty’s Vegetation Head Prefect, Zheng Liang. The gift was very precious, and it far exceeded any gift of the other Head Prefects. It was a Crystal Memory Pill!

This pill was recorded in the inscription dictionary as one of the pills that could aid in one’s memory. It was difficult to buy it on the market, and it was definitely not cheap. It left Wang Baole greatly surprised.

As he held the pill bottle, he looked at the crystalline pill inside. As he felt moved, Wang Baole fell silent for a moment. He activated his voice transmission ring and connected to Vegetation Head Prefect Zheng Liang’s voice transmission ring with the mark that had come with the gift.

The communication with Zheng Liang went smoothly. Wang Baole first thanked him for his pills politely. After a casual conversation, Zheng Liang invited Wang Baole to the Alchemy faculty. He probably guessed that Wang Baole was puzzled by the pill. With a smiling tone, Zheng Liang spoke through the voice transmission ring.

“Junior Brother Baole, to be honest. I have refined a pill and am in desperate need for Spirit Stones above 90% purity to be used as the cauldron fire’s foundation. As you know, such Spirit Stones are not easily bought on the market, so I thought of troubling you.”

Upon hearing Zheng Liang’s words, Wang Baole also understood the reason. He laughed out loud and did not reject it. He accepted Zheng Liang’s invitation.

Zheng Liang was very pleased as he made an appointment with Wang Baole before ending the conversation.

In Ethereal Dao College, unless they were Head Prefects of the same faculty, the Head Prefects would have a very cordial relationship among themselves. They were also willing to befriend each other at a deeper level. After all, everyone was of the same standing. If their friendship reached a certain extent, they could be very helpful to each other.

Days later, Wang Baole left his cave abode at the appointed time. He walked toward the Alchemy faculty.

Wang Baole had spent most of his time on Dharmic Armament Peak despite having lived in Ethereal Dao College for half a year. He seldom went to the other faculties, and it was his first time visiting to the Alchemy faculty.

As he walked on the Alchemy faculty’s mountain peak, he looked at the luxuriant vegetation, pavilions, and buildings around him. He immediately felt the difference between the Dharmic Armament faculty and the Alchemy faculty.

The Spirit Qi here is actually richer than the Dharmic Armament faculty. Furthermore, it’s a lot milder. Wang Baole was very sensitive to Spirit Qi after cultivating in the Great Void Qi Devouring Art.

As he marveled while proceeding forward, a herbal fragrance could be detected in the surrounding air. The further he proceeded, the thicker the herbal fragrance became. Eventually, Wang Baole discovered that the entire Alchemy Peak was lingering with herbal fragrance.

The herbal fragrance that entered his nose did not aid his cultivation in any way, but it raised his spirits. It left Wang Baole surprised. There were herbal gardens outside every building, and he could see many students engaging in plantation work.

Apart from that, he also saw students setting up stalls along the road. They would promote the pills they refined. Some alchemical cauldrons were even for sale. Many people would take a look when they passed by. Some would immediately buy anything that they fancied.

This scene was not something seen in the Dharmic Armament faculty. As Wang Baole passed by, he felt that the Alchemy faculty was clearly simpler and more elegant, especially with the number of girls taking the majority. It was a treat for the eyes.

This place is great. I should have entered the Alchemy faculty back then. As Wang Baole marveled at the Alchemy faculty, many of the Alchemy faculty students that had set up stalls also noticed him. They instantly recognized Wang Baole and began discussing amid whispers.

Wang Baole’s reputation preceded him. Ever since he entered the Dao College, a series of events relating to him had pushed him to prominence, especially with his promotion to Head Prefect. It had spread throughout the Dao College. His fame was so great that students from the various other faculties had long since heard of him.

“It’s Wang Baole!”

“People from the Dharmic Armament faculty are rich to begin with. As Head Prefect, I heard that Wang Baole is able to refine Spirit Stones of 90% purity… he’s basically a walking moneybag!”

“Humph, what’s the big deal? All he does is refine Spirit Stones. There’s no way he can compare with our Alchemy faculty!”

This was not the Dharmic Armament faculty after all. Therefore, the students did not seem to show any fear while discussing him. There was some hint of sour grapes, as the money-printing reputation of the Dharmic Armament faculty left the other faculties jealous and envious.

After reaching the perfected Physical Seal realm, Wang Baole’s ears had become sharper. When he heard those discussions, he pricked up his brows and curled the corners of his mouth. He went straight for the students who had set up shop, and the moment he came over, all the students looked at him.

Wang Baole ignored the crowd’s gazes and lowered his head to look at the pills being sold. Then, he raised his right hand and pointed at a few pill pills.

“This, and that. Put these two pills aside.” Wang Baole pointed at the store that was run by a ponytailed girl. She had been one of the ones who had spoken with a sour tone. When she saw Wang Baole come, she had first been taken aback before being pleasantly surprised. However, when she heard that Wang Baole was apparently only buying two of the most ordinary pills, she immediately lost her fervor.

She pouted, thinking to herself that the Dharmic Armament faculty was not as crazy as people made it out to be. The way he spent was even inferior to students from other faculties. Therefore, she languidly picked up the pills that Wang Baole had pointed out. Just as she was about to hand it to Wang Baole, he said, “I don’t want these two. I’ll take the rest.”

The moment he said that, the girl with the ponytail widened her eyes. She was somewhat taken aback as the other students that had set up shop as well as those choosing pills quivered. All of them looked toward Wang Baole.

“What? Aren’t you selling them?” Wang Baole coughed, feeling extremely pleased with himself. However, he had a nonchalant air to his expression. It felt like he was not buying pills, but out buying cabbage at the market.

“Yes, definitely!” The ponytailed girl became extremely excited. She rushed to wrap up all the pills without thought and excitedly handed them to Wang Baole. After a moment’s thought, she decided to just stand behind Wang Baole while holding onto the goods.

“Head Prefect, there’s no need for you to carry them. I’ll carry these pills for you. In the future, if you have any requests, you can tell me at any time. Why don’t… you leave me your contact details? If you have any requests, I’ll personally deliver the pills to your cave abode.” The ponytailed girl had average looks, but her figure was extremely provocative. In her excitement, her eyes had a strange glint.

“That’s good. Carry them for me then.” Wang Baole felt pleased as he continued walking toward the next stall with his hands behind his back. Nearly all the students who had set up shop, be they men or women, were bubbling with excitement. They charged forward, trying their best to promote their pills.

“Head Prefect, you are so handsome. Look at the pills I have here. Each one is personally refined by me.”

“Handsome Head Prefect, I have some pills here. Come take a look.”

Wang Baole could not help but feel wistful when he saw how they were fawning over him instantly despite their previously envious attitudes. He felt that, as a Dharmic Armament faculty Head Prefect, he needed to make the people from the Alchemy faculty understand how the Dharmic Armament faculty spent money. Therefore, he waved his hand without much thought.

“I’ll buy it!”

The moment he said that, the Alchemy faculty students around him immediately exclaimed in excitement. Most of them were females. Their tiny faces blushed red with excitement. Even with ordinary looks, they looked different with their blushing, red faces. Therefore, when the Vegetation Hall’s Head Prefect, Zheng Liang, rushed over, he saw… a group of people circling around Wang Baole, carrying bags of all shapes and sizes. All of them looked at him with a strange glint in their eyes as they took the initiative to request his contact details.

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