A Wizard’s Secret

Chapter 345 - Leo Explodes I

Chapter 345: Leo Explodes I

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“Thud thud thud.”

A countless number of spikes flew toward Merlin just like raindrops. However, once they entered the flame, the arrows seemed to hit a hard, protective cover. The indestructible spikes were either broken directly or flew back in the opposite direction.

“Fire? Enhancing casting tools are indeed strong, but unfortunately, you shouldn’t use Fire-type spells!”

A nonchalant voice rang. Subsequently, the flames that were on Merlin’s body burned bigger and started to flash rapidly. Then, like a powerful suction, all the flames were sucked into his body.

“Hum hum hum.”

No matter how strong the flames were, they could be suppressed by the Flame Maxim. Moreover, it would instantly be converted into Magic Power. As the burning flames on Merlin slowly subsided, the pale white flames reappeared and regained its momentum. These Fire-type spells did not belong to the fourth Wizard, but to Merlin.

“How could this be possible? My spell, through the enhancing casting tool, must’ve achieved the peak power of a Sixth-level or even a Seventh-level spell. How could you be completely unscathed?”

The fourth Wizard’s expression was slightly pale. The enhancing casting tool was his trump card – it was rarely used. He had managed to obtain a few one-time use enhancing casting tools before this. Each use was reserved for the most dire of moments and would successfully avert the crisis by annihilating even the strongest of his enemies.

This time was the first that the fourth Wizard had used the enhancing casting tool but did not manage to vanquish his opponent!


At this very moment, the fifth Wizard transformed into a giant hedgehog once again. Then, she turned into a whirlwind and swept directly into Merlin. The force that was contained within the attack was clearly tremendeous.


The fifth Wizard’s true form slammed into Merlin mercilessly. This attempt, however, was not as smooth-sailing as the last few attempts. When the fifth Wizard’s true form met Merlin’s Perfect Armor, the pale white flames started burning wilder and extended themselves toward the fifth Wizard’s form.

These pale white flames were all part of the terrifying Fiery Collapse. It was partly the fifth Wizard’s fault for being too complacent. She was not like the fourth Wizard, who understood these flames perfectly. It was only when the pale white flames started burning on her body that she realized it. However, it was too late.

The pale white flames of Fiery Collapse traveled down the spikes on her body rapidly, and in an instant, covered the entire giant hedgehog.

Suddenly, the fifth Wizard who was engulfed in the flames cried out a series of chilling shrieks. The power of Fiery Collapse was not one that could be withstood by anyone. Even though the fifth Wizard was of the alpine Beast People and had a more resilient body, it was impossible to withstand the burning power of Fiery Collapse.

“Let’s go!”

When the fourth Wizard saw that the fifth Wizard was engulfed by the pale white flames, his expression shifted. Right now, both Sixth-level Wizards had used their trump cards and could not prevail over Merlin. On the contrary, it looked like the fifth Wizard herself would die in Merlin’s hands.

The fourth Wizard was a Spell Caster who had lived for hundreds of years. Naturally, he was very alert and prepared to leave immediately.


Just as the fourth Wizard’s figure started to move, a gust of Wind Element fluctuation flashed. Merlin’s figure was already right in front of the fourth Wizard.

“Leaving already? Too late!”

After absorbing a large amount of fire element from the fourth Wizard and converting it into Magic Power with the help of the Flame Maxim, Merlin was overflowing with unimaginable levels of Magic Power.

“Boom boom boom!”

Balls of condensed fire exploded in an instant, turning the sky into a sea of fire. Even the fourth Wizard could not endure these endless waves of Fiery Collapse. The Sixth-level defensive spells that he had employed in that moment was rapidly consuming his Magic Power…

It was only a matter of time.

Merlin was not the least in a hurry. He had Flash Wind, so he was not afraid of the fourth Wizard escaping. Compared to the fifth Wizard, the fourth Wizard was undeniably more difficult to defeat.

The fourth Wizard’s Sixth-level defensive spells were indeed quite powerful. In addition to the defensive robes he wore, even Merlin did not have the ability to easily vanquish the fourth Wizard.

Nevertheless, with unlimited Magic Power, Merlin might be able to exhaust the fourth Wizard to death. Thus, that was his battle strategy, which was to continue exhausting the fourth Wizard’s Magic Power. Once the fourth Wizard’s Magic Power ran out, he would be killed.

Although the fourth Wizard had already discerned Merlin’s plans, he had no choice but to endure it bitterly.

Merlin saw that the situation was completely under control, so he shifted his attention to other parts of the battlefield.

At this moment in the forest, there were several ongoing battles. Especially the remarkable battle between the eighth prince and the fourth prince. There were various types of top-level spells as well as an exchange of Pandora Demon Abilities. The aftershocks of their battle had already leveled the forest around them.

As members of the royal family, particularly outstanding members who were in line for the throne, the fourth and eighth princes both possessed mighty abilities. With the added bonus of the royal family’s resources, both their abilities were no less, or perhaps even more powerful, than those Seventh-level Spell Casters.

Presently, however, the fourth prince and the eighth prince were equally matched. Neither of them was prevailing over the other. Merlin shifted his gaze to the rest of the battle.

On top of the hill where lush green grass was flourishing, there were stone debris flying and whirlwind twirling around. Occasional clouds of smog and dust filled the air. It was full of various chaotic elements.

Merlin squinted his eyes and used a great amount of Mind Power to direct his vision toward the battle of chaotic elements. Through his Mind Power, Merlin could see the situation among the chaos clearly.

It turned out that this was the battle between three Seventh-level Spell Casters. The three Seventh-level Spell Casters under the eighth prince were all top-notch Spell Casters. On the other hand, the first, second and third Wizards under the fourth prince, too, were very powerful.

Among them, the third Wizard was also of the alpine Beast People and could transform into a giant striped tiger. The tiger was extremely ferocious, and his roar could cause mental damage as well as spell failure.

He was perhaps one of the top-most powerful alpine Beast People. There were extremely few people who would be able to match the powers of an advanced Seventh-level alpine Beast People. Such alpine Beast People was also terrifying to behold as once they revealed their true forms, their powers were astounding.

Presently, the three Seventh-level Spell Casters under the eighth prince looked like they were on a lesser edge. However, it seemed that they were yet to play their trump cards, so there was still a chance. It was not easy to defeat a Seventh-level Spell Caster unless one possessed actual crushing strength. Otherwise, it was a battle of endurance.

The battle between these Seventh-level Spell Casters would not relent for a while, so Merlin shifted his gaze again, this time landing on Wizard Leo.

Suddenly, Merlin narrowed his eyes. He saw that Wizard Leo’s Darkness Eye seemed to have no effect on Wizard Morston and Tanin. These two Eighth-level Spell Casters had finally shown their trump cards, and apparently, they possessed extremely powerful defensive Pandora Demon Abilities that could be fused into spells.

Wizard Leo’s only crutch was Darkness Eye. If even Wizard Leo’s third form of Darkness Eye could not harm Wizards Morston and Tanin, then Wizard Leo was naturally in a bad place.

At this moment, Merlin did not hesitate at all. Through the slave contract, he commanded Wizard Bammou. “Bammou, act now! If Wizard Leo dies, you’ll accompany him to his grave!”


Wizard Bammou’s face could not help but turn dark. Wizard Leo’s current situation was extremely precarious. Not only was he surrounded by two Eighth-level Spell Casters with Pandora Demon Abilities but his Darkness Eye was also ineffective against them. It could be said that danger was waiting outside his door.

Now, he would have to battle with not only two Eighth-level Wizards, but two Eighth-level Wizards with Pandora Demon Abilities. If it was before this, Wizard Bammou definitely would not have interfered in such a dangerous situation. Right now, however, he was Merlin’s slave and had no way to defy his orders.

If something actually happened to Wizard Leo, based on Bammou’s understanding of Merlin, there was definitely hell to pay.

Thinking along those lines, despite the great reluctance in his heart, Bammou had no choice but to act.


No one noticed that a slight breeze flew by. In fact, there was no fluctuation of elements – just a gentle breeze. At this moment, Morston was emitting a murderous vibe, his full concentration set on trapping Wizard Leo. Behind him, Wizard Tanin too was guarding him carefully. Leo was completely trapped.

“Heh heh. Leo, die!”


An earth-shattering spell exploded. The two Eighth-level Spell Casters did not hold back at all. The level of power from the spells was simply heaven-moving and earth-shattering. A unique fluctuation spread in all directions within the vicinity.

“Crack crack.”

All the trees and rocks that were hit by the fluctuation were instantly pulverized into powder. Even a few Spell Casters who had not escaped in time turned into a bloody mist.

This was the effect of Eighth-level spells. If a powerful Eighth-level Spell Caster released a wide-range attacking spell, even a bustling city with a population of hundreds of thousands could be turned into ashes in an instant!

“Teacher Leo!”

Merlin’s gaze was locked on the powdered dust caused by that horrifying spell. This level of spell power was no longer one that he could interfere in. Despite his confidence in both Bammou and Leo, he could not help but worry about them.

Would Bammou and Leo be able to overcome such a powerful spell?

“Please don’t die!”

Merlin prayed desperately in his heart. Within the Dark Magic Region, the person that Merlin was closest to and most grateful toward was unquestionably Wizard Leo. Naturally, he did not want anything to happen to him.

“Oh right, the slave contract!”

Merlin was so overly worried that he almost forgot about the slave contract. Through the slave contract, he could detect Wizard Bammou’s condition.

Hence, Merlin quickly took out the slave contract. Through the slave contract, he could clearly feel the exuberant life force of Wizard Bammou.

“Bammou isn’t dead! What about Teacher Leo?”

Merlin’s heart leaped in joy. He hurriedly turned his gaze to the sky in a distance, where Wizard Leo’s figure had been swallowed by the earth-shattering spell.

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