A Sorcerer’s Journey

Chapter 148 - Destiny Fulcrum

Chapter 148: Destiny Fulcrum

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This was an endless plaza completely covered with super magic stones or other energy crystal nuclei.

This, this was exactly the sorcerer levering point platform square of the destiny lever. The entire shape seemed like one very large soup ladle or a plate of a scale as far as the eyes could see.

Indistinct and haze energy drifted, magic fog floated at the sorcerer levering point platform plaza. At this moment, even if there wasn’t the slight control of natural force from sorcerer-apprentices, so long as the internal magic was somewhat empty, the energy drifting in the air of pure magic could automatically enter the sorcerer-apprentice’s body.

Apparently, the “density value” of the extremely pure magic already surpassed the magic density of sorcerer-apprentices by far.

The flying carpet was put away by the female sorcerer in front of them. Glenn and the five sorcerer-apprentices dropped on top of the plaza. Looking toward the bustling with numerous sorcerer-apprentices of humanity gathered in the plaza, thousands of minds flowing across.

This was precisely the sorcerer-apprentices that were the cream of the crop chosen over the last century!

Glenn slightly turned around in a circle to look at all the sorcerer-apprentices surrounding them. Silently, he mentally counted, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven… seventy-one, seventy-two, seventy-three, seventy-four, seventy-five! On top of this small plaza of the sorcerer levering point, apart from the sorcerers leading the groups, there were seventy-five sorcerer-apprentices in all.”

These seventy-five sorcerer-apprentices were quite clearly divided into four small camps as well.

Included among the camp with the most number of people was precisely the elemental sorcerer camp that Glenn belonged to. There were no less than seven sorcerer guardians guiding thirty-five sorcerer-apprentices. These sorcerer-apprentices had varied ornamentation and were all different in shape. Still, the great majority of these sorcerer-apprentices were all dressed from head-to-toe in spacious magic robes, possibly holding a magic staff.

These were the elemental sorcerers of the sorcerer continent. They were also the most formidable force of the sorcerer world.

In another group, the sorcerer-apprentices were likewise following no less than six sorcerers guiding thirty sorcerer-apprentices.

These sorcerer-apprentices were, for the most part, wearing leather armor and wearing helmets. Their builds were larger and robust. And they had vicious and fearless auras. Behind their backs, they wore every kind of straightforward killing sorcery tool at their waists. Very few elemental magic staff-types were equipped.

What appeared to be a gecko-like small life form rapidly crawled across the armor of these sorcerer-apprentices. Seemingly because of the pure magic fog of their surroundings, it happily produced chirrup-like sounds softly.

These were the subterranean space’s wyvern lianti sorcerers.

Finally, there were two groups of people that only had one sorcerer guiding five sorcerer-apprentices.

In one of the groups of sorcerer-apprentices, it was not hard to make out bodies that were mechanized with a small and delicate marionette following at their sides. These sorcerer-apprentices ought to be machinists from the Sky Tower.

The other group of sorcerer-apprentices all donned the same giant robe concealing their bodies beneath a cloak. The cloak used some elemental means to cover up their facial features with a pair of eyes emitting strange dark-red or dark-green shine. The hand holding the magic staff appeared to be a deathly gray, dried up and lean with large pronounced knuckles.

In addition, these sorcerer-apprentices’ magic staffs all, without exception, emitted a strange aura.

In some of the sorcerer-apprentices’ hands were magic staffs where the tops were a bunch of eyeballs with incessantly moving pupils. There were some that were two mutually intertwined snakes sticking out their tongues. In addition, there unexpectedly was continuous dark-purple smoke…

Glenn could faintly sense from these sorcerer-apprentices a kind of hard to describe stifling feeling. It was similar to an instinctual fear of being human. Then it seemed like these sorcerer-apprentices was precisely the natural enemy of mankind, penetrating humanity’s instinctual weak point.

They were unconditionally and definitely the dark sorcerers of the mysterious and frightening Dark Domain!

The sorcerers on the levering point platform square were all still and calmly waiting. There was no sound whatsoever.

After approximately a quarter of an hourglass’s time later, a gigantic six-pointed starfish floated over from far away through the endless law chains. It sank to the on top of the plaza.

The sorcerer-apprentices of the platform square burst into a slight restlessness before once again immediately recovering to an undisturbed state.

On top of the six-pointed starfish were six life forms. None of which were genuine humans. Among them were at most just two that can be considered a man-like organism only. The other three were simply unable to be regarded in a category of human at all.

Their bodies, for the most part, were covered in solid and smooth fish scales with forms presenting a streamlined appearance. They had an appearance very much suited to move about in the seawater.

The three oceanic beings similar to an octopus devil, a sea lion, and a fierce shark did not need to be talked about. Glenn’s sight was focused toward the two oceanic races that were humanoid.

Among the oceanic life forms, there was one with a fat body and had a spotlessly white abdomen while the back was pitch-black. Both feet were webbed claws while the tips of its two fins had hands. Although the head was human-shaped, the mouth was the beak of a duck’s.

“This is… a penguinoid?” Glenn had never come across an introduction of similar oceanic races from his books before. In his thoughts, he consciously compiled a name.

Another one of the oceanic beings had Glenn’s two eyes squinted slightly. The great majority of the sorcerer-apprentices that were present also cast their gazes on this one oceanic being’s form.

Their upper body was the perfection of a human woman.

Long, dark-green hair spread out behind her, exposing a gentle and beautiful face and a pair of eyes like gemstones. Exquisite, bright, and tender white skin enough to make any woman envious. Full breasts with only two shells covering the shameful place, with the firm and plumpness very easily making a person associate it with biological vitality. The dissonance between the handful of waist without a human navel and the prominent chest present above was astonishing.

The lower body was a fishtail with fine scales growing all over.

This was actually a mermaid of the sorcerer world!

With regards to tales of mermaids, no matter if it were ordinary people or sorcerers, the sorcerer world had numerous stories circulated about them. This was precisely why Glenn also knew some. If one talked about the mysterious ocean’s sea monsters, gigantic monsters were sailors’ dreaded nightmare. In that way, the endlessly precious and harmonious mermaid legend was the same as sailors’ dream and desire for setting sail.

They say that in the event that a mermaid fell in love with a human, she could face towards the sea to make an oath during the night of the full moon. It would set in motion a most ancient and mystical curse, making her fishtail into two legs and henceforth being together for one’s life with the human she loves—never leaving each other for a lifetime.

This was a however beautiful and romantic love story…

But within the world of sorcerers, the existence of mermaids nevertheless at once changed in nature.

Mermaid tears were one of the materials to resist curses and were a miraculous item capable of unlimited layering to postpone curses. Mermaid blood possessed the ability to enhance cellular vitality, slowing down the act of aging, and was some female sorcerer-apprentice blood sorcery’s first-rate material. A mermaid’s first kiss could make sorcerers in the ocean to be faced with good luck. These were the sorcerers’ systemic inner knowledge of three obscure things referring to “destiny.”

The first was the destiny leaver. The second was the determination of a sorcerer to advance in rank. Within the sorcerer system knowledge also obscurely mentioned about this thing called “destiny.”

However, as far as mermaids were concerned with sorcerers, there was also a most terrible thing. And that was the curse of the sea!

Each and every living creature in the ocean that kills a mermaid could be cursed by the mermaid at death’s door with something terrible known as “the curse of the sea.” It was said that a sorcerer inflicted with this curse in the sorcerer world would forever be unable to spend time on the ocean or else their body will just fester a little bit at a time up until completely becoming nourishment for the sea.

The six oceanic beings stopped at the sorcerer levering point plaza.

At this very moment, the basic structure of the sorcerer world at once emerged.

The sorcerer continent’s Seven Rings Holy Tower, the City in the Sky’s Holy Tower, Dark Domain’s Dark Sorcerer Tower, oceanic being’s Sea King Altar, subterranean world’s Five Great Abyssal Tower, as well as… The Legendary Knight’s School of Willpower.

Without speaking, fifteen human sorcerers, as well as the leader of the oceanic beings, stepped out. A mysterious incantation mouthed lowly followed by a magic wave burst like a heartbeat. Specks of golden radiance began to surge forward like a river from far away to the destiny lever, sinking to the seventy-five apex sorcerer-apprentices’ and five oceanic beings’ forms.

(Within the fifteen sorcerers was a legendary knight. There’s nothing more to say. Same with the sorcerer-apprentices in the subterranean space, there also are five new legendary knights. There’s also nothing more to say.)

“Go on. The children of the sorcerer world, proceed to the world core’s original will to receive your future and wishes, okay?” A male sorcerer roared in a loud voice.


Eighty golden lights soared and rose, subsequently dropping to a distant location similar to a golden river within the destiny lever. Overlooking this sorcerer world’s rules and regulations space’s world core and slipping in.

At once on the destiny lever’s other end, that destiny lever sorcerer levering point plaza pushed down that one end. That gathering of weight, all living things and people of the sorcerer world and the rise and fall—life or death—the desire of the original will… The world core opened her arms to welcome her children and held them in her warm bosom.

Like a slide, Glenn on the destiny lever river slides downwards. The surrounding golden radiance obviously was illusory and had no substance, however, it made Glenn feel as if he placed himself in a torrential current.


Leaning over, Glenn caught sight of that usually gloomy and strict Yupao. Currently, he was straight out reclining in the golden torrential current, unexpectedly showing a happy smile like a sleeping baby.

He—Indeed he was a dark sorcerer purer than Glenn, ah!

Glenn was unlikely to realize at this moment his facial expression was just like that one beautiful night of the dance. His own manner was of when he drew Lafite’s supple and slender waist and speaking ** words. Gentle, agreeable, and warm.

On the other side, Nairo’s black chains disappeared. Currently, her naked body calmly lay down within the golden river. Her eyes were closed, content and enjoying the moment.

Glenn also sank into this warm inclusiveness one can feel drunk with, slowly closing his eyes.

He did not know for how long…

The Glenn who seemed to be in a state of a drunken dream within the golden river abruptly opened his eyes.

He dodged a silent, noiseless, ash stone carving resembling the numerous sorcerer-apprentices sliding in the golden torrential current. Apart from Glenn, there were not many sorcerer-apprentices that opened their eyes to look upon this gray stone statue.

There were no gorgeous decorations on the gray stone statue. There were no energy waves either. Even the sculpting technique seemed clear and simple, it might be said it was not in the least artistic. It seemed like a guardian lion before the front door of a down and out lord. The passersby passing through did not even give it more than a glance.

The gray stone statue was a figure of a bright sorcerer attired in spacious robes with a horn-shaped hat on top of his head. His one hand was holding a magic staff and lifting it up. His facial expression was malevolent and brutal. At the same time, it was also somewhat sad and regretful. This hand only holding up the magic staff seemed to be entrusted with lifting the entire world.

And his other hand held an open book.

Glenn looked toward the characters on the book…

“Give me endless knowledge. I will use myself as a fulcrum and lever to open the endless world.”

Muttering the written words on the book, that gray stone statue completely disappeared from Glenn’s view, becoming submerged from the bright golden torrent surging from behind him.

Glenn went from being drunk from inclusive warmth to totally sober. His beautiful expression gradually turned to desolate. Disappointingly saying, “This is the destiny fulcrum? If it was so… the destiny lever at present has already slid across more than halfway.”

Currently, the beautiful sorcerer world was singular and majestic. However, a number of people knew that the destiny lever had already once changed the sorcerer world destiny’s fulcrum.

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